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Make it easy to book and manage council facilities and services.

A full facility online booking system, with robust self-service capabilities.

Bookings help users check availability and make reservations for council facilities on their own terms — including outside business hours. This allows for a better and more inclusive end-to-end booking experience.

From searching for the right facility, to reserving equipment, agreeing to terms and conditions, and making payments, changes or cancellations, the self-service option helps maintain a seamless booking process. Having access to real-time information at the time of booking removes the chance of duplications and human error, whilst improving data integrity, staff efficiency and user experience.

Showing the live availability of council facilities to the community helps councils maximise the occupancy. This means over-subscribed facilities can be more fairly allocated, councils can easily accommodate larger booking series, and provides an opportunity for council revenue to increase given the proper overview for availability for social and cultural events or seasons.

Council facilities are often used for recurring series of bookings, such as fitness classes, community meetings and sports events. Providing online access to reserve these facilities saves time and money for regular hirers and council staff.

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More bookings, less work
Real-time information
Online access
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More bookings, less work

Customers can self-serve and reserve council facilities, services and equipment at a time that's convenient for them, and council staff spend less time making manual bookings.

More bookings, less work
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More bookings, less work

Customers can self-serve and reserve council facilities, services and equipment at a time that's convenient for them, and council staff spend less time making manual bookings.



To make, change, or cancel a reservation, update information or view transaction history, customers simply log in to their account to access their bookings.

Real-time information

Real-time information

View real-time facilities and services availability ensuring customers are guaranteed their booking every time. No more double bookings

Online access

Online access

Customers can find and reserve council facilities, services and equipment on any device, at any time giving them complete control of their bookings.

Product features

  • One powerful system

    Staff can manage all aspects of council facilities, services, equipment, reservations and payments all in one system.
  • Automated fees and charges

    Fees and charges automatically update based on the requested services or equipment providing visibility of all costs at the time of booking.
  • Seamless communication

    Quotes, invoices, email confirmations, reminders and security access information are sent to customers, staff and contractors at the time a booking is made or updated.
  • Fast and flexible payments

    Customers can select how to pay for their bookings — payment options include credit or debit card, POLi, internet banking, over-the-counter or invoice.
  • Optional cancellation fees

    Enable customers to update and cancel bookings while also maintaining usage policies and enforcing penalty fees (if applicable).
  • Financial management

    Manage financial transactions in accordance with standard accounting practices. All data is automatically transferred to your financial system to keep records up-to-date.
  • A variety of bookings

    Manage one-off casual bookings to more complex multi-date bookings following daily, weekly, monthly and ad-hoc patterns. Allow for reservations to be made for more than one event.
  • Manage booking dependencies

    Set dependencies rules to manage the availability of shared spaces — for example, half courts, one or more swimming lanes, rooms with dividing partitions.
  • Flexible booking configuration

    Set reservations in increments of 15 minutes, by the hour or per day. Manage a flexibility fee structure and record customer data, time/date and other configurable booking information.

How does it work?


Bookings provides two websites:

  • A customer-facing self-service portal where customers can search, browse and view facilities and its availability. The website also allows them to book, update or cancel a reservation.
  • A staff website where booking officers can create, view and manage reservations, access customer profiles, and administer bookable resources.
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