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Engage, connect and involve your community.

Antenno helps to positively impact the relationship between councils and their communities.

Antenno is a mobile app and backend web portal for two-way engagement between councils and their communities. It allows councils to send alerts, information and notification posts to their communities in a manner that makes it more likely these posts will be relevant to the recipient, and given attention. The app also prompts people to report issues or suggestions to councils without needing to know specifically which council is responsible for a particular place, or a certain type of issue.

These issue reports can include photos, GPS location, issue details and contact details of the reporter. Issue reports can be initiated offline and sent later, which is great when mobile data is unavailable. Councils can send responses back to the reporter – a push notification lets the reporter know when a response has been received, and which can be viewed in the app alongside the details of their original report.

Antenno provides a unique combination of product features, customer and community benefits, and proven user engagement rates that are present in only a few comparable offerings worldwide. This contrasts other solutions that focus on one-way interaction only.

By putting the people in the community at the centre of the ecosystem, Antenno allows them to receive information from multiple sources without needing to install multiple apps or watch multiple social media feeds. This is important because of people’s lives across council boundaries – it is not uncommon for people to live in one council’s region and work in another.

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Reach more stakeholders
Higher interaction volumes
Provide targeted information
Relevant notifications
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Reach more stakeholders

Reach people who are stakeholders anywhere in your district. Authorities can even reach those with local interests who live elsewhere.

Reach more stakeholders
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Reach more stakeholders

Reach people who are stakeholders anywhere in your district. Authorities can even reach those with local interests who live elsewhere.

Higher interaction volumes

Higher interaction volumes

Enable higher interaction volumes from people reporting issues etc without increasing load on frontline staff taking calls or entering data.

Provide targeted information

Provide targeted information

Targeted posting capability means information is more likely to be relevant. Authorities can use Antenno to send push notifications when new information is available.

Relevant notifications

Relevant notifications

Antenno sidesteps the need for people to search for information, read lengthy email newsletters, or watch social media feeds, by notifying them only when something comes up that is relevant to them.

Product features

  • The right information to the right people

    Get information to the right people and places in a timely manner. People who use Antenno are more informed, more involved and have a better understanding of what their councils do.
  • A community communication option

    Give the community a self-service option for reporting things to the council while retaining the quality of information and reducing noise from comments on unrelated topics.
  • Higher community interaction without increase of load on staff

    Enable higher interaction volumes from people reporting issues without increasing the load on frontline staff taking calls or entering data.
  • Streamline operations

    Antenno can be directly integrated into your processing system, generating a simple and fast approach to identifying community concerns.

A positive relationship between councils and their communities

In April 2021 Datacom surveyed Antenno users in ten council regions, by sending them an Antenno post with a link to an online survey. Over 2,600 responses were received. Respondents were asked to rate how they felt about four measures, comparing before they started using Antenno to their current perspective. 80% of respondents felt more informed about what was going on in their communities. 54% felt they had a better understanding of what their council did. 43% felt they had a greater level of interaction and engagement with their council, while 44% of respondents felt much more positive about their councils.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I brand Antenno for my organisation?

Antenno’s focus is bringing together public-interest information in one place for the good of the community. Within the app, the posts themselves are branded. We don’t offer a white-labelled or own-branded option.

How does Antenno integrate with existing systems?

Antenno can call a secure RESTful API, passing JSON data in an Antenno-standard format. Other integration mechanisms are possible with external systems that support API integration.

My region doesn’t have good mobile coverage. Is this a barrier to using Antenno?

It’s not a problem. If a person’s device isn’t connected to wi-fi or is out of coverage, it will receive posts later when connected.

Is there a roadmap for the product’s future direction?

Yes, there is a significant roadmap for Antenno. We review this quarterly, including input from customers.

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