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Cisco System Inc.

A worldwide leader in networking, IT, and cybersecurity solutions.

Cisco's networking solutions connect people, devices, and networks.

Cisco has deep experience and technical leadership in providing voice and data connectivity. It's become a go-to supplier for small-, medium-, and enterprise-sized businesses all around the world.

Cisco’s core solutions let people access or transfer information without worrying about the differences in time, place, or the type of computer system they're using.


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Datacom's partnership with Cisco

Datacom sees Cisco as one of six core IT vendors critical to our success. We maintain a high level of competency in Cisco technologies. Datacom invests heavily to ensure our network engineers are qualified and have access to the best tools and support networks. 

We are a Cisco Gold Partner and Cloud Service Partner, as well as a Cloud and Managed Service Programme Master (infrastructure as a service and disaster recovery as a service).

Our unique approach to applying the Cisco suite of products saw us awarded Cisco ANZ Architectural Excellence: Data Centre Partner of the Year 2020 and Cisco NZ Innovation Partner of the Year 2018.

Experience Datacom Branch Connect

Enjoy high-speed performance, uncompromised security, ease of deployment, and improved visibility with Datacom Branch Connect, supported by Cisco Meraki. Try our free 30-day SD-WAN trial today.

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Datacom has a long track record of close collaboration with Cisco.

Our partnership is all about ensuring we are meeting the networking and connectivity needs of our clients.

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