A new partnership between Datacom and global workforce management solutions company Humanforce will help local businesses streamline their workforce and payroll in one unified system.  

The partnership, which was signed this month [July 2023], will enable Datacom to offer its New Zealand and Australian customers an integrated solution that brings together Datapay payroll with Humanforce’s workforce management platform. 

“We're excited to establish this end-to-end integration. In today's battle for talent, employers want a seamless experience for each employee — from onboarding and scheduling to payroll and awards.  With Humanforce, we have a partner who agrees that the smoothest employee experience is also the path that improves compliance and reduces rework and overhead costs,” says Datapay Director Tim Hogan. 

Employers rely on Datacom to pay one-in-six New Zealanders, with the cloud-native platform serving over 25,000 businesses and 400,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand. 

“Our goal is to help customers streamline processes, increase efficiency and ultimately help deliver a better employee experience for businesses by streamlining the flow of information from employee onboarding to payday to leave management, in one single place.” 

Humanforce has more than 500,000 users in 18 countries and is a leading provider of solutions that simplify workforce management.  

Hogan says Humanforce’s solutions have been widely adopted by organisations operating in industries with complex workforce structures, such as aged care, childcare, hospitality, retail, events and local government and, with the Datapay payroll integration, will be a great fit for local organisations that require specialised payroll. 

The partnership also means Australian and New Zealand organisations that need specialised payroll solutions will have access to local support and services teams and will have the option to manage their payroll through Datacom payroll experts.  

Clayton Pyne, Humanforce Chief Executive Officer, says that in selecting its technology partners, the team is looking for world-class technologies that enhance the Humanforce cloud value proposition for frontline and flexible workforces. 

“We are focused on delivering truly employee-centred, intelligent and compliant solutions that support frontline and flexible workforces. Humanforce’s partner ecosystem facilitates our customers’ success, so we look for partners who complement the three core pillars of our tech stack: integrated, best of breed and composable. This means that we look for solutions that feature real depth of functionality and sophisticated APIs, and that’s one of the strengths of this partnership with Datacom.” 

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