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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance & Supply Chain Management

Turn finance and operations into growth engines.

Maximise visibility and profitability from one platform.

Finance and operations is the engine room that keeps business moving. It’s more than just making sure money is managed, it's about looking for operational efficiency for greater profitability. Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) offering, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, allows you to manage your finance, inventory, and productivity needs from one platform. Datacom’s expertise from initial consultation through to delivery and ongoing support ensures you maximise visibility, productivity, and profitability.

Data is critical to identifying problems and opportunities. It provides the context to act swiftly and effectively. The insights data provides can be used to make processes more efficient, improve operational analysis, and identify new sources of revenue generation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management offers the best in data management and reporting while creating an environment that can adapt as soon as operating conditions change. Take advantage of the security provided by the Microsoft cloud and expand your organisation beyond a locked on-premise footprint.

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Build resilience in an ever-changing market
'One team' approach
Finance expertise
Supply chain expertise
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Build resilience in an ever-changing market

Work with our team to enhance your financial decision making & build a resilient, sustainable supply chain.

A businesswoman having a discussion with her team
Build resilience in an ever-changing market
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Build resilience in an ever-changing market

Work with our team to enhance your financial decision making & build a resilient, sustainable supply chain.

Experience our ‘one team’ approach

Experience our ‘one team’ approach

We have local teams available to help you on your digital transformation with our consultants available alongside your roll-out in every step.

Finance & Supply Chain Management expertise

Finance & Supply Chain Management expertise

Our consultants are financial planning and analysis experts, accountants, and operations managers from all manner of industries.

Supply chain expertise

Supply chain expertise

Our consultants are supply chain and advanced warehousing experts and accountants. We have the experience and knowledge of your challenges.

Our expertise includes

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    Financial data and insights
    Automate and modernise your global financial operations. Monitor in real time, predict future outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.
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    Sales process automation
    We set up automated sales processes to find the right buyers, sell smarter, connect your business data, and grow your relationships to, ultimately, grow revenue.
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    Supply chain operations
    Use predictive insights and intelligence from artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) across planning, production, stock, warehouse, and transportation management.
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    Customer experience
    Monitor all interactions a customer has and increase engagement. Get a 360-degree view of customers, improve scheduling, and engage customers on any device or channel across all areas of the business.
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    Tailored customer engagements
    Turn leads into customers by targeting the right buyers through multichannel marketing campaigns, create personalised customer journeys, align sales and marketing, and make smarter decisions.
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    Digital commerce personalisation
    Elevate your brand and deliver personalised, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels.
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    Power apps
    Configure no-code/low-code tailored mobile and web experiences for your staff and customers. Tailor experience while ensuring all data is captured and stored in Dynamics 365 — no integration needed.

Time to take back control.

Finance and supply chain management need to be supported by a platform that can adapt with operational changes — fast. Your business' ability to adapt comes from getting proactive data and insights so you know you need to change, and then making the change. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management offers self-service reporting backed by the ever-popular Power Platform and Power BI so you can access your data when you want it.

As a fully cloud-based platform, you can decide the right level of control you want to have over your system. Look towards a future where you have the autonomy to adapt and deliver results without relying on IT.

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