With so much business conducted online these days, the possibility of your systems being unavailable at any time presents a huge business risk. This has never been more true than during the recent and unprecedented events which have seen people having to work from home and unable to access their offices and associated infrastructure.


Data centres at their core are resilient. They are built to be so and are run by professionals who plan and ensure there is a backup for every backup. From everyday operations to business continuity plans there is a plan in place to cover all scenarios, including natural disasters, pandemics and security incidents.

With stringent certification from global organisations to ensure these plans are robust, data centres that meet level three or higher and/or have a Management and Operation (M&O) Stamp of Approval from the Uptime Institute are uniquely positioned to offer the highest levels of resiliency risk reduction to their customers.

While COVID-19 took the world by surprise, because of the way a data centre functions, additional measure and plans can easily be tailored to ensure the exact and additional mitigation processes required are delivered with minimal issue or delay.

Processes and professionals

Obtaining certifications and ratings are only possible if there are processes in place to ensure these standards are maintained. Every aspect and piece of equipment in a data centre is supported by a thorough schedule of regular maintenance checks, robust operational procedures and testing programs. This ensures the data centre can handle faults, is concurrently maintained and is always in optimal working condition.

The systems in place are structured to enable them to be managed remotely from unaffected facilities or, during a crisis, maintained - when needed - via a secure network by qualified technicians at home. While such measures significantly reduce the number of people needed at the data centre at any one time, a small group of specialists are available to carry out business-critical activities on behalf of our customers day and night. This eliminates the need for customers to travel to complete that work themselves.

Open all hours

Data centres are a 24/7 operation and have skilled technicians available to support your business around the clock. During a crisis, customers who house their critical infrastructure in data centres have the knowledge that your business and the systems that support your customers are being protected, maintained and can be accessed remotely. This ensures your staff can focus on your core business and eliminates the need to physically send your people into offices to maintain, troubleshoot, and service your IT equipment.

When facing a crisis, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. So, while for many the recent events have been an extremely difficult time, looking after critical business infrastructure shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be. Data centres continue to be some of the best-prepared businesses to help you and your organisation stay safe and connected before, during and after a crisis.

Let us take care of your data so you can take care of your family and business.

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