Pride Month is about celebrating the LGBTQI+ community and the work done so far, but it’s also about recognising we still have work to do.

We want Datacom to be an inclusive and welcoming workplace for everyone, including those in the LGBTQI+ community. We recently launched our new set of values, which includes "It’s the people” and “Courage to act”. Pride at Datacom is about showing respect in the workplace and creating an environment that means we can all bring our best selves to work. It takes courage to create change in our society.

At Datacom, we’re committed to following through and ensuring our workplace matches our inclusive values.

Datacom has achieved the Rainbow Tick certification in New Zealand for the second year in a row, and we’re also working towards recognition in the Australian Workplace Equality Index.

These certifications help celebrate our internal Pride initiatives, including our LGBTQI+ inclusion training, updated guidelines around inclusive dress codes and parental leave, and our support for team members with transgender and gender-diverse experiences.

We’re also working to become more visible in the broader community. We had a great time at Auckland’s Big Gay Out in February, where we offered space to recharge and chill out while celebrating with the local community, and we’d like to extend that throughout the year.

Recently, we had 13 delegates from our Datacom Connect team attend the Equality Project’s Better Together 2021 national LGBTIQ+ conference in Adelaide. It was a fantastic opportunity to empower new rainbow leaders in our own community, as they participated in discussions with a focus on how Datacom can work to create a more inclusive workplace and create cultural change.

These engagements are an investment in our future as a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we’re committed to growing and changing alongside our people.

Happy Pride, everyone.