Working with our partners at GIGXR, building mixed reality apps are at the forefront of the next phase of education and innovation, along with a content management system (CMS) that supports these apps.

GIGXR is a US-based company that was created by the acquisition of the former Pearson Immersive Learning Group (PILG) in November 2019.

Together we co-designed and delivered world-leading transformational apps on Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform underpinned by its Holographic Content Management System. Because GIGXR deeply understands learning with technology, we were able to work together to combine technology and our imagination to drive new sources of value creation.

Medical and nursing education

Simulation is recognised internationally as a safe and effective way to teach health students, and with most of our world being three-dimensional, two-dimensional books and computers are no longer meeting students’ needs. Growth of the medical simulation market is more than 15 per cent per annum, therefore universities are switching out mannequins and actors for new media.

nurse in hospital
nurses wearing VR goggles

Research shows that where visualisation and spatial reasoning is required, the mixed reality technology can be powerful in improving learning outcomes. Additionally, many people in education are comfortable with potentially new technologies that extend current learning and teaching models.

PILG worked with trial schools in New Zealand, Australia, the US and the UK, and gathered feedback from them about gaps in the medical and health simulation markets and where applications like HoloPatient, developed for tertiary medical/nursing schools as a medical training simulation, and HoloHuman an app for anatomy, could provide higher education institutions with an edge in the training market.

By 2020, there will be a shortfall of more than one million nurses in the United States alone, and health trainers will be expected to expand to meet this surge in future demand.

GIGXR has seen sales across four continents, with many institutions purchasing an enterprise-wide solution as they invest in the technology, applications, change management, and new teaching and learning paradigms.

Datacom was recently named the sole Microsoft HoloLens reseller in New Zealand.

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