When New Zealand-based finance company UDC Finance needed to revolutionise the old tech it was using across the banking and finance sector, it saw the opportunity to get more value for money out of the project.

UDC Finance wanted to update its ageing back office technology as well as modernise its desktop solution, because the company realised this would encourage collaboration, efficiency and mobility.

The clock was ticking, however, as the environment needed to be up and running in just seven months – an ambitious target given the scale and complexity of the solution required – while the upgrade work could not affect the day-to-day running of the business.

UDC Finance approached Datacom for its technological expertise, and together designed a leading-edge solution which covered every aspect of the technology stack, from data centre through to application development and support. The forward-thinking solution also used the latest systems and services to allow UDC Finance employees to work whenever and wherever they liked.

The end-to-end solution was able to integrate seamlessly with numerous third-party applications and supported UDC Finance’s 12 locations across New Zealand. The hybrid solution also demonstrated how ageing and modern technologies could still work together to deliver real value.

As a result of the new environment, UDC Finance is now able to move forward at pace with a nimble, yet robust and secure technology stack fit for the modern banking and finance sector. With the added benefit that staff can now work flexibly, whenever and wherever they like, UDC Finance has also increased its collaboration and efficiency, helping it to save time and resources.

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