"Diving headfirst into the bustling world of Contact Centres, I discovered that life in this dynamic realm is a relentless teacher. It not only equipped me with the essential knowledge but also unveiled the secrets to thriving in Contact Centre roles. Embracing every opportunity that came my way, I found that saying 'yes' to growth and learning has been the compass guiding my transformative journey."

Since her first Contact Centre job answering phone calls, Jenny Angus has taken on a variety of different roles, and believes this hands-on experience has been invaluable.

In early 2022 Jenny joined Datacom as Associate Director – Shared Services and Capability, after 20-plus years career servicing customers in the global CX outsource services industry.

In her previous role, Jenny lead Customer Delivery for Asia and the US, responsible for the people, client, and shareholder outcomes for these regions. Some of her key learnings during that time were the importance of client partnering, employee engagement and the power of forming strong relationships and understanding a client’s strategic goals to help them achieve their business strategies.

“I oversaw 3500 employees in my region, and it was certainly a challenging role during the pandemic,” says Jenny. “On the people side of the business, I learnt how vital communication and trust is, regardless of where your people are located. It really empowers your people.”

At Datacom as the Account Director for Shared Services and Capability, Jenny has a diverse portfolio that supports Datacom’s Contact Centre directly via its Manila Hybrid Delivery centre servicing the ANZ region as well as more broadly leading Australia and New Zealand in Knowledge, Learning & Development capability. This role provides a valuable role in Datacom differentiating itself as a net creator of talent through staff onboarding, client and technology specific training and employee development through Datacom’s Connect Academy offering Industry Certifications as well as a development program for high-performing employees that takes them through foundational learning sessions and prepares them to apply for placements in step-up roles and future opportunities.

Jenny Angus profile
Jenny Angus has joined Datacom as Associate Director – Shared Services and Capability after 20 years working in the global CX industry: “On the people side of the business, I learnt how vital communication and trust is, regardless of where your people are located. It really empowers your people.”

“As one of the Academy’s streams, we facilitate traineeship programs for Datacom Contact Centre employees. We’ve had over 450 Australian employees’ complete certifications since the program began in early 2021, giving them additional skills to take into their roles. That’s a huge achievement for any company. We place a high importance on development for our people and helping develop skills for working life. Often completing a certification helps build self-confidence and a belief in their ability to achieve goals.

"Our Contact Centres across Australasia, consist of approximately 2000 dedicated individuals committed to delivering solutions that enhance the customer experience for diverse customers including companies and government agencies. We manage various functions including calls, emails, customer relationship management and enquiries."

Jenny describes Datacom’s outsourced Contact Centres as the engine room of our business that showcases our deep expertise in customer experience management.

"In our operations, we use advanced technologies, including virtual assistants, chatbots, conversational AI, automation systems and analytics tools to create superior customer experiences. Knowledge Management technology empowers our Contact Centre staff to swiftly provide accurate responses to customer queries."

Jenny plays a pivotal role presenting this valuable tool as a product offering to our clients and people alike.

“In the past, Contact Centre staff had to remember everything to do their role. Now they can simply use their knowledgebase to provide the right answer at the right time. This is an exciting time for Knowledge Management as we look to add the power of AI to enhance our offering.

An important aspect of a Contact Centre service is not merely delivering for a client, but going beyond their expectations, according to Jenny. Her teams strive to deliver the value-add that the client didn’t even realise they needed until they get it and wonder how they ever managed without it.

Jenny loves the variety her role brings and the fact that no days are ever the same. Despite having extensive experience, working at Datacom continues to challenge her and she thrives on solving customer problems. Seeing her team’s achievements every day and the difference they make for our people inspires Jenny.

“I learn something new every day and it stretches me,” she says. “I really value the company culture. It’s about always striving to improve outcomes for our customers and our teams, empowering people to make a difference and challenging us to be our absolute best.”

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