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Connect people and technology and watch innovation thrive.

Connect people and technology and watch innovation thrive.

Datacom enables hackathons for business and regions through our HackAssist programme. The goal is to help organisations and communities by connecting people and technology. Datacom are pioneers and advocates for hackathons in Australia and New Zealand. Datacomp is our own 48-hour hackathon, which sees hundreds of participants in diverse teams compete every year.

Through our HackAssist programme we can help businesses create a full hackathon programme or we can embed the best of hackathon culture and process.

Datacom partners with communities, government, councils, and regional development agencies to create hackathons. These are aimed at solving significant challenges facing the region. The best known are in New Zealand: Hack Tairāwhiti, (Gisborne) and Hack Nelson. 

The first Genesis Energy Hackfest proved to be a huge cultural catalyst. Our people are still super-enthused.

Jennifer Cherrington-Mowat
Executive general manager, technology and digital, Genesis

Challenge your company

#HackAssist is a method to discover, unlock, and embed value hacking in every fibre of your business.

Culture of innovation

Hackathons do more than just find innovation. They connect people right across your business.

Curious, diverse teams

Diverse thinking and experiences lead to new ways of taking advantage of opportunities and optimising strengths.

Experimental environment

A big part of becoming smarter, faster, and more customer-focused is giving people permission to explore, try, and test. You'll be clear on what makes a difference and what doesn’t work.

Our expertises includes