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Enterprise asset management

Assess, manage and optimise your asset-intensive environment.

Unlock the full potential of your asset-intensive organisation.

Datacom’s enterprise asset management (EAM) team delivers industry leading platforms, services and processes used to maintain and control operational assets and equipment efficiently, by applying decades of proven expertise and trusted partner ecosystem. The aim is to deliver efficient EAM platforms and infrastructure, that can enable business transformation through improved asset reliability and utilisation, increased productive uptime and reduced operational costs.

Enterprise asset management best practices help maintenance teams gain greater control of complex environments to:

  • Centralise asset information
  • Resolve issues proactively
  • Monitor assets smarter
  • Maximise asset utilisation
  • Improve asset and infrastructure life
  • Elevate predictive maintenance
  • Achieve operational efficiency

Enterprise asset management is designed to empower your workforce, with a single integrated view of your field assets in real time such as water mains, electrical pylons, pumps, rail tracks and more. Our team will work with you to help achieve your sustainability goals using EAM for better decision making.

Leverage predictive asset maintenance management
Reduce costs
Unified view of assets
Compliance and procurement
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Leverage predictive asset maintenance management

From aircrafts to hydro pumps, enterprise asset management allows you to install, maintain and decommission your operational field assets.

Leverage predictive asset maintenance management
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Leverage predictive asset maintenance management

From aircrafts to hydro pumps, enterprise asset management allows you to install, maintain and decommission your operational field assets.

Reduce operational downtime costs

Reduce operational downtime costs

Minimise outage costs with an integrated view of your asset ecosystem.

Share a unified view of operational assets

Share a unified view of operational assets

Using real time sensor data, enterprise asset management allows your reliability engineers, field and maintenance teams to have a single view of asset health.

Simplify compliance and procurement

Simplify compliance and procurement

Reduce the hassle of asset inventory, procurement and compliance with built in monitoring, reporting and alerts.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do you need an EAM system?

EAM is important because it helps organisations track, assess, manage and optimise asset quality and reliability. Organisations across different industries, be it energy, aviation or transport, have hundreds, thousands, even millions of field assets - these can range from water mains, plumbing, power pylons, aircrafts and event building maintenance features. With enterprise asset management, you have a single view of how your assets are performing in real time. In addition, you are able to reduce outage costs with predictive maintenance management.

Which industries do you cater for as part of the enterprise asset management function?

We cater for any asset-intensive organisation where the key focus is to optimise the quality and utilisation of assets throughout their lifecycle, increase productive uptime and reduce operational costs.

Some of the key industries are:

  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Chemicals
  • Petroleum
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Life Sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Nuclear power
  • Local councils
  • Education sector
  • Construction
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food and beverages
  • Agriculture

Where is the EAM system hosted and who supports it?

The EAM system can be hosted either on-premise, customers' or Datacom's cloud, based on the requirements. Datacom supports the EAM system in partnership with IBM for products and licenses.

Can Datacom help me move my EAM implementation across products and platforms?

Yes, we can move your existing EAM implementation and data to our industry leading IBM Maximo EAM platform. We can also lift and shift your on-premise implementation to the cloud.

Useful links

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    IBM's technology 'Maximo' creates a single live view of your assets, allowing teams to install, track and decommision an asset that your organisation leases or owns. Learn more