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Cloud backup services

Protect your critical workloads with Datacom's cloud backup services.

Protect critical workloads with Datacom's cloud backup services. 

The average cost of IT downtime runs into thousands of dollars per minute. Let Datacom's cloud backup protect your data and avoid expensive data loss events. Backing up the cloud will help you save on costs for restoring information. You'll also improve productivity and reduce disruption to sales. Protecting your data in the cloud will ensure you won't have to worry about losing irreplaceable intellectual property. Set your mind at ease knowing your information is safe.

Historically, more than half of businesses close within a year of experiencing severe data loss. Data loss can occur for a wide range of reasons such as:

  • Hard drive failures
  • Accidental or malicious deletion
  • Fires or other disasters
  • Cyber or ransomware attacks.

Datacom's cloud backup services can help you minimise your risk of data loss. We backup your data and protect it with options to archive or store that data across separate locations. Backups can be near real-time with low-latency high-speed access just clicks away. We also support long-term storage across a variety of cost-efficient media formats.

With our back-up-as-a-service solutions and data protection service, we can help your organisation minimise your risk of data loss by ensuring your data is securely backed up and protected.

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Ross Delaney
Associate director, Datacom Cloud

Protection during disasters

We store your data within one or more of Datacom’s data centres. We carry out backups daily, so a business interruption of any sort becomes less of a disaster and more of a slight inconvenience.


Our service identifies duplicate copies of files and only stores one copy. This means reduced storage requirements and lower cost to you.

Usage-based billing

You'll only pay for what you use on our platforms, so you can efficiently optimise your backup costs.

Flexible storage options

Select the level of backup support you need, including archival and replication options. You only pay for the level of backup protection that suits your organisation.

Our expertise includes

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