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Datacom Cloud X

A hybrid cloud platform where private cloud security and performance universally intersects with public cloud features and scale.

Your cloud, managed by us.

Whether you are repatriating from or moving to the public cloud, close the gap between traditional and modern environments with Datacom Cloud X. Powered by Dell hyper-converged hardware, VMware Cloud Foundation, and vRealize Suite software, access a highly controlled and secure hub for your hybrid cloud deployment.

We believe in relationships, and Datacom Cloud X is more than a hybrid cloud platform — it’s a way of working. Collaborating with our local cloud experts can help make what may seem complex simple. We are here to help you get moving in the right direction, regardless of your destination.

Transformation doesn’t rely on technology. It relies on people.

Over 60 per cent of organisations do not consider themselves to be innovative. Increasingly, this is causing organisations to feel the need to try to solve everything all at once. Download our latest eBook to find out how to navigate complex decision-making and take your people on the innovation journey with you.

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Flexible. By design.

Businesses are driven by people, processes, and tools. Datacom Cloud X provides the flexibility required to consistently improve business outcomes through a combination of blueprinting, deployment, and workflow automation capabilities.

Let Datacom Cloud X do the heavy lifting with its intuitive automation of security policies, approval processes, and other catalogue-driven redeployments. That way, your IT teams retain control while enabling wider business units to get the job done.

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Secure. By design.

Security and reduction in risk from intrusions are critical factors in managing business risk. Software-defined networking delivered through NSX provides the ability to enact intrinsic security across your cloud infrastructure.

Our tag-based security policies and micro-segmentation ensure network traffic between workloads and applications can be managed, controlled, and filtered based on predictable and easy-to-understand groupings. Our network insights provide recommendations on rules to apply so that you can track and receive alerts for unusual or new traffic flows.

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With Cloud X powered by VMware, Datacom provides the security and performance of private cloud, with the availability and scale of public cloud. We are delighted to support Datacom's delivery of cloud solutions developed with people front-of-mind.

Profile photo of Vijoo Chacko
Vijoo Chacko
Senior Director, Cloud Provider Sales for Asia Pacific and Japan, VMware

Our expertise includes

Let us help you get moving in the right direction

We can help accelerate your ability to deliver meaningful business outcomes. Get in touch with our team of local cloud experts.

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The power of our partnerships

Our Datacom Cloud X partnership with VMware and Dell Technologies is a winning combination. It means our customers can access market-leading tools with support and guidance from Datacom’s local cloud experts.

Our commitment to our strategic partnerships has established Datacom as a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner across Australia and New Zealand and one of only a handful of global VMware cloud-verified partners.

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