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Experience design

Give your customers a great user experience by giving them what they want before they know they want it.

Give your customers what they want before they know they want it.

User experience (UX) is a significant factor in influencing an organisation's success across its digital ecosystem. Datacom’s investment in ensuring our clients' organisations are primed for digital success, starts with comprehensive teams of UX designers, researchers, testers, and optimisers. 

Great UX design requires deep collaboration with your organisation. UX isn't necessarily a business-as-usual activity, therefore our specialist UX experts have proven processes and workshops to unlock the answers for you. 

Customer experience is often a primary goal of digital transformation. But you can’t transform something you don’t have clear oversight of. So, you’re going to need to understand your current customer experience in order to transform it.

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Greg Whitham
CX consulting director, Datacom

Improve customer relationships

Experience improved customer journeys that improve customer loyalty and reduce churn. 

Build a smarter enterprise 

Increase workplace productivity and user collaboration through better UX design.

Accelerate product innovation

Find ways to enhance new product innovation and commercialise internal innovations.

Industry experience

Datacom provides specialist consultants with deep industry experience.

Our expertise includes

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Customer experience strategy

Creating a consistent and connected customer experiences.

Digital signage

Innovative digital signage solutions for exceptional customer experience.

Innovation & ideation

Get ahead with Datacom's innovation and ideation workshops.