Application management is not just about technical level performance. Having an app technically available and operating is a basic expectation rather than a target outcome. Modern application management is about managing your apps to ensure your portfolio delivers value for your business teams and your customers.

"The shift from only fixing what’s broken in your applications to using them to deliver on organisational goals, through the evaluation of data insights and customer experience, will transform the role of your application management team and move your investment in application software from a cost centre to a value centre," says Sunny Katira, Director Application Services for Datacom.

Datacom's ebook 'App management: Understanding the shift from technical performance to value creationexplores the changing environment of application management and why business as usual is not cutting it anymore.

Experts from Datacom’s Application Assurance team share insights on what it takes to manage your app portfolio in a way that can reduce technical debt while opening opportunities for new value.

Why your approach to application management needs to evolve

Significant investment needs a significant payoff.

Global investment in the enterprise applications software market eclipsed $US240 billion in 2020. The market is forecast to grow rapidly in the coming years, reaching $US334 billion by 2025, an increase of 44%.

Closer to home, spending is predicted to jump 120% from 2020 to 2023. Managed services, consulting, and cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), is forecast to reach more than $1 billion in 2023.

Seeing a return from that investment is critical and maximising value from apps is already a top priority for many business leaders.

The ebook outlines key steps companies can take to reimagine application management in their business and create more value.

"Reimagining how you approach your application management can deliver tangible value and help you identify new opportunities. But it does not need to be an all or nothing approach. Smart application management is about building on the foundations you have – and then making good decisions to deliver savings and better productivity for your team by determining where to invest for the biggest payoff."

Five benefits of advancing your application management

1. Keep your apps relevant

With advanced application management incorporating continual improvement, you prevent your apps from succumbing to increasing technical debt and the need for costly remediation or replacement.

2. Data-driven

Using automation and predictive analytics shifts focus from technical performance to higher value app insights centred on business and end-users.

3. Go faster

We know that the delivery mechanism to support your product management lifecycle really matters – if it is a good fit with your organisational culture, then the adoption and implementation is likely to be far more successful.

4. Extend app security

With an ongoing, high security focus embedded into your application management practices you will protect from breaches and assist with compliance, transparency and auditability.

5. Happy people are productive people

Advanced application management naturally creates opportunities for people to connect directly to the success of an organisation and grow their skills and careers.

App management cover image

The payoff for advancing your application management is clear, but the path to get there can be complicated.

Implementing some of the key concepts in this ebook – with a critical focus on organising and prioritising the management of apps within your portfolio – is a great starting point.

Datacom’s approach to advancing application management focuses on the things that matter most. We can help you best invest your time and resources to keep apps safe, stable and secure but more importantly show you how to use insights to create new value.

Download the full Datacom “App management: Understanding the shift from technical performance to value creation" ebook now for more insights.

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