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Application management

Maintain and enhance your existing apps through reliable application management.

Maintaining and enhancing your existing applications through reliable application management.

Don't let the ongoing maintenance of applications slow your business down. Datacom's application management solutions manage your existing apps, freeing you up to transform the areas of your business that need it. Let our team of application specialists show you how we can help. 

We manage hundreds of different applications for our customers. We specialise in reducing the cost of maintenance and enhancement of existing and legacy apps. We give your business a single point of contact and a team ready to work on enhancement streams.

Our broad range of capabilities enable us to support and enhance applications of all types:

  • Built by you, Datacom, or third parties
  • Building on legacy technology
  • Built on platforms
  • Any scale from small to very large
  • Systems built on technology out of vendor support
  • Systems requiring optimisation and improvement.

Book a free App Pulse assessment. We'll explore how we could design your ideal application management service, whilst reducing your current costs.

It was fantastic to work with you and the outcome was absolutely awesome, saving me many hours a week in administrivia and providing my membership with a stronger more seamless online experience.

Susan Houston
Chief executive officer, Economic Development NZ

Free up your development teams

Free your development teams from 24/7 support and constant changes to legacy applications. Focus on innovation and initiatives that drive new business while we look after the day-to-day.

App modernisation & automation

Let us take care of application and service modernisation. Our team are experts in implementing technologies like application performance monitoring, DevOps, QA automation, containerisation, and infrastructure automation.

Reduce costs

We challenge ourselves to reduce your costs while improving your service. Our App Pulse tool allows you to tune your costs while modelling the right level of service for each app.

Cultural alignment

We hand-pick the people best suited for your organisation and its culture. Getting the right people makes the process and technology even better.

Our expertise includes

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Agile squads

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Capability development

Let us help your development teams be the best through automation testing, DevOps, and agile training.


The foundation of digital transformation.

Software projects

Datacom's agile software development and application development set your business up for success.