Creating seamless customer experiences and empowering its customer service teams with the right tools, training and autonomy are two of the approaches that have seen Datacom win Frost & Sullivan’s “Competitive Strategy Leadership Award”.

The award recognises Datacom as being “best in class in the Australian customer experience (CX) outsourcing services industry”.

Another feature of Datacom’s approach to CX that was highlighted in the award feedback was the “robust technology foundation” that underpins its service.

“This involves the use of cutting-edge customer engagement platforms and automation technologies. By working with a curated list of partners, Datacom is able to leverage the best technology solutions available to streamline contact and accelerate support. This robust technology foundation allows Datacom to rapidly scale its services to meet demand, deliver consistent service outcomes, and adapt to the changing needs of its customers.”

Photograph of Adele Sheers standing in between Victor Eminefo and Ivan Fernandez from Frost & Sullivan
Victor Eminefo (left) and Ivan Fernandez (right) from Frost & Sullivan presented Adele Sheers – Associate Director of Marketing and Sales Enablement at Datacom with the award at the Datacom Sydney office.

Frost & Sullivan senior industry director Krishna Baidya says organisations across sectors are grappling with a common dilemma: how to enhance customer engagement, understand and delight customers, grow their market share, and simultaneously drive financial KPIs. “Datacom is strategically positioned to bridge the gap between current realities and future possibilities for its customers, leveraging partnerships to enhance customer experience.”

“A crucial element of Datacom's offerings is its capacity to provide a tailored, comprehensive suite of solutions … For Datacom, this involves adopting a holistic business approach and facilitating a partnership model with its clients that integrates customer interaction, technology, and data-driven insights, while collaboratively developing a roadmap that fulfils its clients' strategic goals.”

The criteria for the Competitive Strategy Leadership Award encompasses both “Strategy innovation” and “Customer impact”. So what does ‘best in class’ CX competitive strategy leadership look like?

Best practice for CX innovation and impact: award criteria

For the Competitive Strategy Leadership Award, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluated the criteria listed below.

Strategy Innovation
Strategy Effectiveness: Effective strategy balances short-term performance needs with long-term aspirations and overall company vision
Strategy Execution: Company strategy utilizes Best Practices to support consistent and efficient processes Competitive Differentiation: Solutions or products articulate and display unique competitive advantages
Competitive Differentiation: Solutions or products articulate and display unique competitive advantages
Executive Team Alignment: Executive team focuses on staying ahead of key competitors via a unified execution of its organization’s mission, vision, and strategy
Stakeholder Integration: Company strategy reflects the needs or circumstances of all industry stakeholders, including competitors, customers, investors, and employees
Customer Impact
Price/Performance Value: Products or services provide the best value for the price compared to similar market offerings
Customer Purchase Experience: Quality of the purchase experience assures customers that they are buying the optimal solution for addressing their unique needs and constraints
Customer Ownership Experience: Customers proudly own the company’s product or service and have a positive experience throughout the life of the product or service
Customer Service Experience: Customer service is accessible, fast, stress-free, and high quality
Brand Equity: Customers perceive the brand positively and exhibit high brand loyalty


The awards assessment identified Datacom as having "a robust ICT experience leveraging multiple ICT capabilities to provide unique customer experience solutions" and keeping it ahead of its competitors in the CX outsourcing services market. 

"Datacom’s unique blend of technological innovation, human-centered design, and commitment to delivering enhanced customer experiences sets it apart in the Australian CX outsourcing market. Its ability to adapt to changing industry trends and market conditions, coupled with its focus on creating shared value for clients, makes Datacom deserving of this recognition."

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