Over 150 organisations and business leaders received industry insight and expert opinion on how to manage their businesses and thrive during COVID-19 as part of Datacom’s Thrive Live event.

Guests heard exclusive keynote speeches from IDC, Southern Cross Travel Insurance, and Genesis business leaders on how COVID-19 has impacted the economy, and why customer experience (CX) and operational efficiency are now more important than ever before.

Those attending also had the opportunity to discuss the latest economic research, ask about key industry insight, and receive advice on how to build a smarter business enterprise in today’s economy.

Thrive Live was part of Datacom’s Survive to Thrive campaign, which aims to help organisations and businesses stabilise and get ahead in today’s pandemic-hit economy.

We’ve gathered expert opinion to produce our Digital Recovery Framework – a high-level guide specifically designed to help organisations and leaders understand and define a strategic pathway to reboot their business during the pandemic.

Watch Datacom’s head of Advisory and market strategy, James Stainton, introduce the Digital Recovery Framework and how it works.


Our keynote speakers

Watch exclusive clips from Thrive Live’s keynote speakers.

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