With more than 100 million security events recorded for every customer each day, Datacom sees a lot of what is going on in the New Zealand threat landscape.

With that level of attack, ranging from simple network pings through to denial of service attacks or ransomware, many companies find they are unable to effectively identify critical events, never mind prioritising their response.

While native security is a good starting point for users, when it comes to defending your realm against active, concerted attacks, it just isn’t enough.

Datacom has developed a service offering designed to work alongside Microsoft Azure Sentinel to help cut through the noise and alert you to real and present danger.

Datacom Citadel provides a range of cybersecurity services to clients who can deploy any or all the services on offer, says Datacom’s general manager, cybersecurity, New Zealand, Mark Micklefield.

“Companies need to understand they are at risk of targeted attacks. More than 94 per cent of all malware is delivered by email, and with phishing attacks rising it is imperative they build their defences accordingly."

Mandana Javaheri, global director, security partner development at Microsoft, says, “Cybersecurity is an area of increasing priority and is top of mind for all our customers. It is increasingly important that service providers like Datacom support customers via the power of the platform delivered and expertise in the field”.

Datacom Citadel puts the customer in the driving seat by providing a range of services including:

  • Advanced email threat and collaboration security
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Cloud infrastructure threat protection
  • Sentinel – SOC (security operations centre) and SIEM (security information and event management).

“Many customers are only now starting to think about a fully resourced SOC/SIEM solution because, in the past, this has been costly and required a level of commitment most organisations aren’t willing to endure. With Datacom Citadel, we believe we’ve met the market need for a dedicated solution that provides peace of mind at a price point most companies and large-scale organisations will be pleased with,” says Mandana Javaheri.

The Datacom Citadel service uses Azure Sentinel to filter the 100 million events down to a handful of suspicious events that need investigation and containment by the skilled analysts in our SOC.

Datacom Citadel helps the customer preserve information confidentiality, reduces business downtime, and manages the risks that come with concerted attacks. It also helps reduce insurance costs, while increasing staff productivity through a reduction in false positives.

The integration between Datacom cybersecurity and Microsoft will aid us to achieve our vision of keeping New Zealand digitally safe, says Mark Micklefield.

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