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Data centres

Datacom owns and operates a premier network of rated three or better, highly certified, and highly secured data centres across New Zealand and Australia.

Highly secured data centres across New Zealand and Australia.

Datacom is your trusted data centre partner, delivering secure, reliable, and flexible data centre solutions across New Zealand and Australia.

We deliver secure and scalable data centre services that can be customised to your changing needs, whether you need quarter-, half-, or full-rack spaces to multi-rack and even multi-data floor solutions.

Our highly skilled technicians are always available to ensure all your requirements and maintenance needs are met. Our ongoing investment into our facilities provides you with sustainable power and security to guarantee the availability of your critical IT and data assets.

We designed, built, own, and operate our four New Zealand data centres (Orbit, Kapua, Abel, and Gloucester), and deliver services from AirTrunk’s world-class AirTrunk SYD1 (Sydney West) and AirTrunk MEL1 (Melbourne) hyper-scale facilities.

Each of our locations meets exacting international structural and operational requirements, as well as TIA-942 standards. This means our customers are assured of best-in-class data centre solutions.

Having provided bespoke and flexible data centre services to our customers for over 30 years, we are confident that no matter the size or specific needs of your business, we'll be able to partner with you to provide you with the right data centre solution.

Kapua — Hamilton, New Zealand
Orbit, Auckland
Abel, Wellington
Gloucester, Christchurch
AirTrunk SYD1, Sydney
AirTrunk MEL1, Melbourne
Line drawing of Datacom's Hamilton 'Kapua' data centre
Kapua — Hamilton, New Zealand

Hyper-scale facility purpose-built for large-scale deployments.

Line drawing of Datacom's Hamilton 'Kapua' data centre
Kapua — Hamilton, New Zealand
Line drawing of Datacom's Hamilton 'Kapua' data centre

Kapua — Hamilton, New Zealand

Hyper-scale facility purpose-built for large-scale deployments.

Orbit — Auckland, New Zealand

Orbit — Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand's most highly regarded data centre.

Abel — Wellington, New Zealand

Abel — Wellington, New Zealand

Highly rated and fully refreshed in central Wellington.

Gloucester — Christchurch, New Zealand

Gloucester — Christchurch, New Zealand

The benchmark for South Island data centres, in central Christchurch.

AirTrunk SYD1 — Sydney West, Australia

AirTrunk SYD1 — Sydney West, Australia

One of Australia’s largest data centres, in partnership with AirTrunk.

AirTrunk MEL1 — Melbourne, Australia

AirTrunk MEL1 — Melbourne, Australia

One of Australia’s largest data centres, in partnership with AirTrunk

Delivering one of the region’s biggest data centre projects, with the goal of upgrading capacity without disrupting customer access, makes Datacom's data centres in New Zealand unique.

Andrew Green
Associate Director, Data Centres, Datacom

Scalable solutions

Adjust and change rack requirements as you want without penalty to ensure you're more responsive to the market, your customers, and your changing business needs. Don't get tied into lengthy contracts — we offer a consumption-based model so you only pay for what you use. All the services you would normally expect from a data centre are included in our bundled services.

Cloud access

Get easy access to major public clouds, both on-site in our facilities and via our network of connectivity providers. Combine this with leading networks and you'll enable future-proof hybrid cloud solutions that ensure the proximity required for low-latency performance. Our all-inclusive options include no ongoing fees for cross-connects to other services, keeping long-term costs to a minimum.

Network and service provider neutral

We're committed to ensuring all of our facilities are telco and IT-provider neutral for their lifetime. Having a neutral ecosystem of IT services and suppliers gives you the freedom to work with top providers, existing partners, and industry specialists while taking advantage of our industry-leading data centres.


We offer the highest levels of security to the most discerning of customers. We use industry-leading Gallagher security systems, with two-factor authentication throughout our buildings. Genetec CCTV systems monitor all rack rows front and back, as well as entries, exits, and perimeters. We offer electronic locking of racks as standard and bespoke security options, such as caging, are available.

Design standards

Datacom data centres are designed to meet the highest international standards, including HAZNO, Building Warrant of Fitness, Building Importance Level (IL3), and AS/NZS 1170.0:2002. We achieve an overall rating of rated three or better against TIA-942.


We have procedures in place to manage entry for our customers and approved service providers. You can access our data centres 24/7, and restrictions are in place to ensure customers can only access their own equipment through the creation of separate security zones within the building. Access is controlled using industry-standard software, with two-factor authentication throughout the building.

Commitment to sustainability

We aim to minimise our environmental footprint to deliver efficient data centres by implementing a wide range of environmentally conscious features, including motion-activated LED lighting, recycled heat waste to regulate data floor temperature, filtered outdoor air-cooling systems, chlorofluorocarbon-free refrigerants, fuel-scrubbing technology, plus many more.

Power consumption minimisation

Our power systems are designed to provide fault-tolerant and concurrently maintainable power supplies to all of our customer racks. Our systems provide single- and three-phase power and cater to high-density rack deployments. We constantly optimise the efficiency of our facilities to improve our power usage effectiveness.

Our expertise includes

Datacom Data Centres app

Manage your data centre environment and interactions anytime, anywhere with the Datacom Data Centres app. Receive alerts and notifications, manage access, request changes, and get a live environment overview. With full automation, the app takes away the need for static monthly reporting to automate. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Datacom Data centres mobile app promo image

What certifications do Datacom's data centres have?

Each of our locations meets international structural and operational requirements, as well as TIA-942 standards. Our customers are assured of our best-in-class data centre solutions.

Our data centres undergo rigorous independent review to ensure they meet the highest global standards for power usage, security, operational and management processes. Our sites have achieved a number of certifications, so you can be assured our sites are run to world-class standards.

Our New Zealand sites achieve the following major standards and certifications:

  • The Uptime Institute Management and Operations Stamp of Approval.
  • ISO27001:2013 standard for security management
  • ISAE NZ 3000
  • General data protection regulation (GDPR).

Datacom's halls at Australian sites achieve the following major standards and certifications:

  • ISO27001
  • ISAE3402 SOC2 Type 1
  • SCEC for security
  • GDPR compliant.

What does each certification mean?

  • TIA-942: Specifies requirements for telecommunications infrastructure of data centres and computer rooms, covering all aspects including infrastructure, site location, architectural, electrical, mechanical, safety, and security
  • ISO27001: An international standard for how to manage information security
  • ISAE3402: An international standard for risk management
  • PCI-DSS: The payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS) is an information security standard for organisations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes
  • UpTime M&O: Assessment of staffing, organisation and training practices, preventive maintenance programme, operating conditions, and planning, management, and co-ordination practices and resources.
  • GDPR: A set of guidelines that must be adhered to when collecting and processing information of individuals living in the European Union

What on-site services do you provide?

Our standard service provides all of the things you would expect from a data centre, including:

  • Inwards goods receipting and secure storage
  • Build rooms to set up and prepare for equipment installations
  • Customer offices with kitchens, meeting rooms, bathrooms, and first-aid room
  • Guest wi-fi
  • Dedicated customer parking
  • On-site technicians available 24/7
  • Customer and vendor access available 24/7
  • Guaranteed telco and service provider neutrality
  • We welcome tours of our facilities-please contact the team for availability
  • Disposal and recycling (wherever possible) of all waste
  • Arranging of secure asset disposal
  • We offer Stratum-1 NTP (network time protocol) time servers.

What racks and power options are available to me?

  • We supply 48RU (New Zealand) and 52RU (Australia) racks with various widths available including 600mm (all locations), 750mm (New Zealand), and 800mm (Australia) racks
  • Smaller services, such as our bespoke 21U half racks and 10U quarter racks are also available
  • All our rental racks have seismic bracing, dedicated A+B power rails and overhead outlets, electronically locked doors, and discrete data cabling entry to each full rack or rack compartment as standard
  • You also have the option to bring your own rack — our data floors are designed to accommodate bespoke rack deployments
  • Single- or three-phase power is available to all racks, and multiple pairs of overhead outlets can be provided to any rack, enabling higher-density deployments
  • Our flexible contract approach allows you to increase or decrease your rack requirements as your business needs change

Do you offer rack and equipment installation and cabling?

We’re able to cater to all your installation requirements — no request is too big or small. Our skilled data centre technicians are available to undertake installations of customer-supplied racks and IT equipment and cabling. This includes patching, intra-rack, and telco cross-connect cabling.

We also provide the cabling infrastructure to connect data cables between your racks. For larger data cabling needs, we can secure multiple quotes and project manage the installation on your behalf — these incur one-off costs.

What are your billing and contractual agreements?

  • Our contracts are flexible and designed to enable you to gain maximum value from our sites and services
  • We include all of our standard services into a single monthly cost, with no hidden charges for regular services
  • Variable charges are all based on your actual consumption
  • We bill on a monthly basis to ensure you have the flexibility to scale up or down quickly
  • We have no ongoing cross-connect charges
  • All our data centres are telco and service provider neutral and guaranteed to remain so for the lifetime of the facility. You have full control and choice over who you work with