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Intelligent workspace

Enable your employees to work productively and securely from anywhere.

Your business platform for success.

Datacom's intelligent workspace is a full suite of tools and technology services that enable your employees to work productively and securely from anywhere. 

Delivering value to all parts of the business, an intelligent workspace creates better employee experiences, reduces workloads for IT, increases corporate security, and increases financial savings.

Aggregate business change, lifecycle management, and new ways of working with Datacom's intelligent workspace.

An employee view of workplace process

Supporting employee flexibility from the way people want to work and the devices they use, through to the places they choose to work. We provide a platform that allows organisational creativity, collaboration, productivity, and security elements required for a business to achieve its goals.

Intelligent workspace - Employee view infographic

The intelligent workspace is not a product, service, or techno-philosophical concept; it's the thoughtful deployment of IT resources and community to individual workers and teams with the goal of getting things done and driving new business value.

Phil Hochmuth
Program Vice President, Enterprise Mobility and Client End-Point Management, IDC

Flexible working conditions

Employees can choose their own device to work on, and be accessible from anywhere.

Reduce technical debt

Make use of evergreen software as a service (SaaS) platforms, a mixed-device ownership model, and full asset lifecycle management.

Improve productivity

Get seamless access to your business apps and data from one place.

Support, security, and compliance

Benefit from risk-based conditional access, modern policies, and support via a self-service virtual assistant.

Connected workplace

Because your people will be able to work together, anywhere, an intelligent workspace will drive teamwork, increase collaboration, and break down organisational silos.

Our expertise includes

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Database management

Get support to design, build, and manage all major database products from one provider.

Platform engineering

Achieve business value from your investment in on-premise and cloud infrastructure by outsourcing to Datacom's platform engineering team.