Providing employees with opportunities for professional growth not only benefits the individual, but also positively impacts their team, the entire company, and its customers. Tarsha Mcintyre has personally experienced this over her six years with Datacom. During this time, she has not only acquired new skills but has also actively shared her knowledge with her colleagues. 

Since joining Datacom in 2018, Tarsha has held a number of roles and began her journey as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) taking calls on behalf of an Australian Federal Government Client. Following her acceptance into Datacom’s Connect Academy program (then known as ‘Lead’), she transitioned into a ‘Floor Walking’ role. Here she played a crucial part supporting new CSRs and assisting them with scripting and accessing information as they began working on the phones and learnt new skillsets. During this period, Tarsha also took on responsibilities supporting the Quality Assurance team by assessing customer interactions and ensuring a consistent, professional, and high-quality level of service for customers. 

Her experience in these roles naturally led into a position as a Training Facilitator with Datacom’s Learning and Development team. “Working on the Government contract, the CSRs learnt different skillsets relating to individual and business policy,” she explains. “I delivered two-week full-time training sessions for groups of 15 to 20 CSRs, focusing on handling debt calls and setting up payment plans.”  

Tarsha says that while it was a little nerve-racking initially, the sense of accomplishment was huge – especially when she saw people that she’d taught working on the call centre floor, taking calls and using the skills she had equipped them with.  

“Most of the people I was training were older than me, but that was never a problem. I had a lot of knowledge about the skills I was teaching, and I wanted to share what I knew with others.”

Tarsha Mcintyre in office setting with soft bright light wearing orange white and black jacket
Tarsha Mcintyre's drive to share her knowledge and support others on their journey has propelled her own.

In early 2020, Tarsha became a Training Coordinator, managing the Traineeship Program and Trainer’s schedules. As part of the Induction Training, new CSRs joining Datacom were given the option to enrol in a Certificate 3 in Customer Engagement. Tarsha managed their enrolments and guided their progress through the course. But things were about to get really busy.  

“When the pandemic started, we received a surge request from a Government account, requiring us to nearly double our entire workforce,” she says. “That was a very challenging time, trying to onboard 500 new starters, ensuring they received system access, and preparing them to begin taking customer calls. While they did most of their training remotely, they did spend a couple of days in the office for inperson training. It was undeniably one of the most challenging times I’ve had to deal with in a professional setting, but I learnt so much from it. Being responsible for setting up and organising so many people helped me gain a lot of valuable skills.”  

Subsequently, thanks to the encouragement of her manager, Tarsha transitioned into the role of Project Coordinator in Datacom’s Project Management Office (PMO). It was a well-timed move that coincided with her starting a Diploma of Project Management. 

Over the past year, she has been a Project Manager in the PMO, working in a team that leads the implementation of various customer projects, including contact centre set-ups, telephony platforms and Virtual Assistants (VAs). Datacom’s PMO team is focused on implementing new digital solutions aimed at enhancing businesses’ customer and employee outcomes.  

Tarsha works mainly on Genesys Cloud contact centre implementation projects, establishing telephony platforms for Datacom customers. Her role sees her collaborating with implementation engineers, knowledge management, contact centre, and operations teams, to meticulously plan and execute projects within set schedules and budgets, and ensuring that all customer requirements are met.  

The Datacom PMO employs a Project Management Framework that provides a structured approach to leading projects. This framework incorporates governance, documentation, consistent communication, and reporting, and serves to guarantee that all project requirements are met and stakeholders remain engaged and well-informed throughout the project lifecycle.  

A highlight of the job for Tarsha is the interesting range of projects that the PMO team manages.  

“You’re communicating with different people every day and you get to meet and build relationships with a variety of customers, from Government departments and Councils, to the private sector and education facilities. I enjoy the variety of working with them all.”  

One of the key things she has learnt during her career journey at Datacom is the importance of not being afraid to try something new. “We’re strongly encouraged to push beyond our comfort zone and try new and different roles,” she says. “I really like that about working at Datacom and I also love the people I work with.”

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