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Cloud platforms

Update your organisation’s digital behaviour to meet the promise of tomorrow.

Excel on the right cloud platform.

Datacom's cloud platform services enable a shift in your business' digital behaviour to meet the promise of tomorrow. We bring capability and depth of expertise on any cloud. We always advise and implement from a security-first approach, with a clear focus on application modernisation and value creation.

We work with a range of cloud platforms that suit all types of businesses. These include:

For each customer interaction, we prioritise value creation and optimisation to ensure you excel on the right cloud. This approach ensures you are in the best position to build your business applications and workloads for ongoing efficiency and productivity at pace. Choose Datacom as your agent for change and unlock the real value of cloud technologies.

If I raise something with Datacom management, I know I can trust they will work on it. We have an excellent relationship with them.

John Goodall
CIO, Medibank


Unparalleled native controls with integrated visibility, monitoring, and protection across any cloud.

Time to value

Datacom delivers results faster, reduces ongoing costs, and ensures staff can focus on what they do best.

Application focus

We package and deploy applications to accelerate hybrid cloud consistency.


We create compliant environments, apply group policies, and add budget constraints with a bespoke blueprint.

Our expertise includes

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Excel on any cloud with Datacom's cloud services.

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Enable the right cloud with Datacom's cloud consulting.

Cloud management

Modernise on any cloud with Datacom's cloud services.