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Enable simpler, faster, valued and engaging community interactions through digital transformation.

Level up your community connection through digital engagement.

When we talk about digital experience, we think of an engaged community that is connected to the council and informed through a channel of their preference. We envision a community involved in the process, a community educated through transparency and consistent council processes and a community that feels listened to through two-way engagement.

In a ‘social media driven’ world, we expect interactive interactions via all digital channels, making community engagement a priority for local government. Datascape provides a cloud solution with a simple, consistent experience that better connects councils with the community increasing visibility with up-to-date information, improving decision-making and driving community trust. Councils are also able to identify and address issues more efficiently increasing community satisfaction of council performance.

Datascape provides a single-source of truth with up-to-date information enabling councils to have more valuable, personalised interactions with their customers, reducing double-handling of information and ensuring accurate records of customers’ interactions are recorded and maintained.

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