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Datacom and Atlassian help small and large organisations on their cloud migration journey to achieve true team collaboration.

About Atlassian

Atlassian unleashes the potential of every team with its team collaboration and productivity software that helps teams organise, discuss, and complete shared work.

More than 225,000 customers have teams using Atlassian's project tracking, content creation and sharing, and service management products to work better together and deliver quality results on time. These customers span large and small organisations, including Bank of America, Redfin, NASA, Verizon, and Dropbox.

Datacom's partnership with Atlassian

Datacom is a trusted Atlassian solution partner across Australia and New Zealand.

With our certified technical expertise, we offer our customers consultancy and managed solution offerings, including health checks and security reviews, integration and workflow automation, and cloud migration services.

How Datacom and Atlassian can help you

If you are considering engaging with the Atlassian platform or are already well entrenched and getting value out of Jira, Confluence, Trello, or other Atlassian applications, the value that Datacom brings as a partner is threefold.

  • Our scale across Australia and New Zealand allows us to partner with the best brands in the market.
  • Our #RightCloud philosophy aligns with the cloud-only future of the Atlassian platform.
  • Our capability across the Atlassian application suite allows us to not only use it internally but deliver solutions to our clients. From playing a bit role in implementation to delivering the whole project and actively supporting the platform on an ongoing basis, Datacom will take your lead and make your project a success.

With successful implementations across different verticals, we can share our experience to activate Atlassian in your organisation.

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    Cloud consulting
    We provide licensing, installation, and configuration services, along with proven consulting regarding best practices, troubleshooting, and administrative functions across the Atlassian product suite. Learn more
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    Cloud migration
    We can help migrate your current server implementation to Atlassian's next-generation cloud and data centre products, or we'll work with you to build a new cloud instance if you're new to Atlassian. Learn more
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    Our capability in software and hardware design and implementation means we offer integration solutions to meet your needs. We also perform regular maintenance of your Atlassian environments. Learn more