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When two great homegrown technology companies team up, anything is possible.

Impossible alone. Possible together.

As a trusted Atlassian solution platinum partner across Australia and New Zealand and an agile solution provider, Datacom is driving trusted digital experiences that enable higher productivity and collaboration for today's hybrid workforce.

At Datacom, we are not just resellers of Atlassian products, but extensive users ourselves. Our own implementation of these solutions is approaching 3000 users, giving us a deep understanding and hands-on experience with the products. With our certified technical expertise across the Atlassian product suite, Datacom offers licensing, installation, configuration/admin, troubleshooting, training, and consulting services on best practices. Datacom’s 6,500 skilled staff can support and enhance any technology initiative you want to integrate with your Atlassian implementation.

As a partner, Datacom brings threefold value:

  • Our scale across Australia and New Zealand allows us to partner with the best brands in the market.
  • Our tailored, best-in-class cloud philosophy aligns with the cloud-only future of the Atlassian platform.
  • Our capability across the Atlassian application suite allows us to deliver solutions to all clients. From playing a big role in implementation to delivering the whole project and actively supporting the platform on an ongoing basis, Datacom will take your lead and make your project a success..

End of server support, migrate to cloud today!

Atlassian server products will no longer be supported after 15 Feb 2024. Have you planned and prepared for your move to the cloud? The time needed to migrate to the cloud depends on the strategy and complexity of your server situation. To stay secure and benefit from continued innovation, contact us today to explore a migration to Atlassian cloud or data centre.  

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How Datacom and Atlassian can help you

With our certified technical expertise, we offer our customers consultancy and managed solution offerings, including health checks and security reviews, integration and workflow automation and cloud migration services.

  • Cloud consulting

    We provide licensing, installation, and configuration services, along with proven consulting regarding best practices, troubleshooting, and administrative functions across the Atlassian product suite. Learn more
  • Cloud migration

    We can help migrate your current server implementation to Atlassian's next-generation cloud and data centre products, or we'll work with you to build a new cloud instance if you're new to Atlassian. Learn more
  • Integration

    Our capability in software and hardware design and implementation means we offer integration solutions to meet your needs. We also perform regular maintenance of your Atlassian environments. Learn more