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A multi-award-winning partnership that's reimagining technology and helping to solve customers' tough, global challenges.

Providing smarter technology for all.

Lenovo is a leading provider of innovative personal technology such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and mobile internet devices. It is also the only IT service organisation that can deliver solutions from your mobile device to your data centre.

Its three main business groups — IDG (Intelligent Devices Group), which focuses on smart Internet of Things technology, ISG (Infrastructure Solutions Group), which focuses on smart infrastructure, and SSG (smart verticals and services) — are examples of how it aims to deliver smart and world-changing technology across the 180 global markets it operates in.

Datacom's partnership with Lenovo

Datacom is a multi-award-winning partner of Lenovo. In 2021, Datacom was awarded Lenovo's ISG Australian Platinum Reseller of the Year. Our staff were also awarded personal accolades, with Neeraj Chandan winning Lenovo’s ISG Australian Technical Excellence and Victoria Gertner winning Lenovo’s ISG Australian Sales Marquee.

As a global, local, and strategic partner, a platinum partner in Australia for the PC business, and a platinum infrastructure solutions partner for data centres, Datacom delivers and leverages Lenovo's diverse group of forward-thinkers and innovators to constantly reimagine technology and solve tough global challenges.

How Datacom and Lenovo can help you

Datacom and Lenovo's innovations are driven by direct customer feedback to ensure technology benefits everyone. By putting customers at the core of our business, we design with the purpose to solve our customers' challenges.

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