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Azure Stack Hub

Harness the hybrid cloud power with Azure Stack Hub.

Harness the power of hybrid cloud with Azure Stack Hub.

With Azure Stack Hub, you can deliver Azure services from your data centre or ours. Azure Stack Hub is a hybrid cloud computing software solution built on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

All your distance, data security, and connectivity challenges can be solved with Azure Stack Hub. Have no reliance on legacy platforms and ageing hardware.

Azure Stack Hub is a local cloud native platform that enables your business to create consistent Microsoft hybrid cloud strategies. It can help transform and modernise your applications, letting you create value through rapid innovation, decreased time to market, and next-generation cloud frameworks.

Let us help.

Ready to unlock Azure Stack Hub value? Talk to our team and get started. Our team is here to help you navigate your cloud journey.

Azure Stack Hub is a controlled way to add the best of the hyperscale cloud to your existing IT environment. It is the “missing link” that many organisations looking to migrate to the cloud one workload at the time have been looking for.

Daniel Bowbyes
General manager, strategy, Datacom Cloud

Improve app performance

Build your apps locally before you scale them out to different locations and devices. Get a local public cloud platform and be able to deliver hybrid applications across a multicloud ecosystem.

Increase customer value

With high-speed, low-cost, and reliable connectivity, you’ll increase business value through rapid innovation and being able to develop new products faster.


Save by using the Azure Stack cloud on a consumption basis, or we can deploy a dedicated Azure Stack for you – either in your data centre or ours. There will be no need for capital expenditure on hardware.

Speed to market

Remove duplication, complexity, and cost while becoming more agile. You'll have a single set of app development tools, deployment templates, and procedures to work with.

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