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Empowering your distributed workforce with Datacom and Google Chrome Enterprise.

Empower your distributed workforce with Google Chrome Enterprise​

Staying connected with teams while working remotely has become a common challenge for businesses across Australia and around the world. We know organisations are looking for solutions that make collaboration, tracking, sharing, and organising work secure and simple. That’s why Datacom has partnered with Google to deliver Chrome Enterprise to businesses to help reduce the complexities associated with supporting a distributed workforce. 

Now more than ever, workforces need to adapt so they can thrive in a complex and uncertain digital economy. The processes our workforces relied on in the past won’t work for the future. This begs the question; how do you create an IT environment that enables your people to work together, even when they’re apart?

By bringing people, processes and the right technology together, you can create an empowered enterprise that thrives in the critical areas of:

  • Collaboration

    Drive engagement, communication, and productivity across distributed teams​.
  • Advanced security

    Keep users, devices, and data secure in any location while providing IT with advanced security controls.
  • Smart investment

    Unlock new revenue streams by controlling costs through simplified deployment, powerful device management, and reduced employee downtime.

Datacom is proud to be partnering with Google to offer Chrome Enterprise — a modern, secure solution that unlocks the business capabilities of Chrome OS and Chrome devices. Combined with Datacom’s integration and security expertise, we can help you power your workforce, wherever they are.

Free download: empower your distributed workforce toolkit

Empower your team to thrive in a complex and dynamic digital economy with the right tools and solutions in place. This comprehensive resource toolkit will assist you in overcoming the challenges of enabling your distributed workforce to be successful in adapting and flourishing in an ever-evolving business environment. This toolkit includes:

  • An article, checklist, and research report to help you enable collaboration across your workforce in the office, in the field, and at home
  • A checklist, eBook, and research report to help keep your teams secure and ensure your business is following cybersecurity best practices
  • A report, study, and article on how to significantly lower both capital and operational expenses by leveraging a smart investment in Google Chrome Enterprise and Chrome OS devices.
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Benefits of Datacom and Google Chrome Enterprise

Together, Datacom and Google Chrome Enterprise bring you the tools and solutions to empower your distributed workforce for business success.

  • Secure

    Chrome OS and devices are secure by design. Sandboxed tabs and apps isolate vulnerabilities at the OS layer, while the built-in Titan-C chip offers hardware-level encryption by default.
  • Simple

    Reduce the complexity of deploying and managing your device fleet with features like zero-touch enrolment and the powerful Google Admin Console.
  • Shareable

    Chrome OS devices work great in conjunction with Google Workspace. Unlock the benefits of collaboration tools like Google Meet, Chat, Docs, and more, offering employees instant collaboration.
  • Speed

    Get your connected and secure device fleet up and running in days with easy deployment and provisioning of devices using cloud-based user profiles and over 200+ security policies, ready to deploy.
  • Smart investment

    Organisations can save up to $482 per device per year through reduced employee downtime, less security breaches, and reduced hardware and licensing costs.
  • Specific

    Cloud-based apps through the browser, Windows apps through Parallels, and virtualised solutions like Citrix, VMware, or Cameyo. Support for a wide range of productivity apps for every worker.

Unlock the fast, secure, and flexible capabilities of Chrome Enterprise

Chrome OS devices
From Chromebook Enterprise devices with business capabilities already unlocked, to easily upgradable options, there’s a wide array of solutions for getting work done.
Available in a wide variety of form factors and configurations
295 per cent return on investment
Three hours saved per device for workers each week
$477,000 in IT management cost savings
Chrome OS
The nerve centre of a cloud-focused business, Chrome OS is mobile, secure, and easy to manage access to cloud-based tools.
Fast deployment and regular background updates
Security built-in, with sandboxed tabs and apps
Hassle-free endpoint management
Always up to date and in sync, anywhere
Chrome Enterprise upgrade
Unlocks the built-in business capabilities of Chrome OS and Chrome OS devices for IT to secure, orchestrate, and power their workforce. With advanced security to keep corporate data safe, and provide flexible access to resources and simplified orchestration of Chrome devices and other critical infrastructure.

Information from The total economic impact of shared Google Chrome OS devices.

Leverage Datacom’s expertise to deploy, manage, and secure your technology environment today, while utilising Google Chrome Enterprise across a wide selection of powerful Chrome OS devices. The flexibility of Chrome OS, combined with enterprise-grade management capabilities, empowers your employees to work securely from anywhere.

Watch the remote work series

How do you keep your business running smoothly, even while pivoting to remote work? Chrome Enterprise is a modern, secure platform that empowers a remote workforce, allowing employees to be productive from any location and providing IT with the ability to manage devices remotely.

In this on-demand webinar series you’ll learn about:​

  • Empowering your remote workforce with Chrome OS, Chrome Browser and Chrome OS devices​
  • Deploying Chrome OS devices quickly​
  • Getting started with the Google Admin console
  • Best practices to keep your workforce secure.

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