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Introducing IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021, sponsored by Datacom

Agility — an organisation’s ability to adapt and respond quickly to external change — is a critical priority for senior leaders and executives in New Zealand. Digitally agile organisations have the systems, processes, and culture in place to inaugurate rapid, customer-centric change. They respond and adapt quickly to fluctuating market conditions while exploring new ways to lead and disrupt.

Datacom commissioned IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence, to survey hundreds of New Zealand senior and mid-level management across commercial and public sector organisations. Our findings reveal how and where digitally-enabled agility can provide an unfair market advantage to New Zealand organisations.

Download IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021, sponsored by Datacom, and get industry-leading insight from New Zealand senior leaders and market analysts. Split into two reports for the private sector and the public sector. Each focuses on key insights for the respective markets. Sharpen your business agility reflexes and ensure your organisation is ready to respond and lead into the future.

  • 78% of businesses have plans in place to improve agility within the next year.
    of NZ organisations have strategic plans to improve their agility
  • Digitally agile organisations are 3x more confident to meet market goals
    Digitally agile NZ organisations are 3x more confident to meet market goals
  • 13%  of organisations are agility leaders, yet 55 per cent believe they’re more agile than their peers.
    of NZ companies are agility leaders. 55% think they're more agile vs peers

Responding to rapid change has never been more important.

Business is changing faster, and the challenges of 21st-century economies are evident everywhere. From talent shortages and remote workforces, supply chain tension and geopolitical volatility, and shifting customer demand and aggressive competition — change and uncertainty are the norms. Discover how your peers are meeting these challenges, and leveraging their newfound focus on agility.

Download IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021, sponsored by Datacom.

IDC InfoBrief cover

The public sector’s need to be responsive is more pressing than ever before.

The modern demands of the public sector, at every level of government and to every public service and platform, continues to bring new challenges to the market. Expectations born of the private sector are increasingly driving constant change, and new technologies and transactional platforms bring new opportunities and challenges every day. 

Download IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021 — Public Sector, sponsored by Datacom, to see how digitally-enabled agility will continue to define successful outcomes. 

The New Zealand Parliament building in Wellington

Strategic agility themes

Research has found that organisational performance is driven by five strategic agility themes. Explore each theme below to find out how you can apply these insights to drive agility in your organisation.

  • Re:Flex Agile productivity icon
    Agile productivity
    Align business and product/service teams to collaboratively define, measure and drive maximum business value through Agile product teams. Learn more
  • Re:Flex Connected experience icon
    Connected experience
    Create highly tailored and flexible customer journeys that meet ever-changing customer needs, through intelligent and adaptive digital platforms. Learn more
  • Re:Flex Customer centricity icon
    Customer centricity
    Build data and insight-led agility through extensive and diverse customer datasets, fed into intelligent and predictive analytics for deeper insight for proactive disruption. Learn more
  • Re:Flex Employee experience icon
    Employee experience
    Attract and nurture top talent to do their best work through purpose-driven agile culture, intelligent workflows and innovative collaboration tools. Learn more
  • Re:Flex Process optimisation icon
    Process optimisation
    Leverage lean approaches and digital automation, intelligence and analytics tools to augment and improve processes and workflows. Learn more

Re:Flex — opportunities and challenges

Our Datacom subject matter experts provide additional industry and sector insight across the five key themes of the IDC InfoBrief in the articles below.


  • Datacom's Susan Adams
    Susan Adams, Principal Advisory Consultant, Agile Culture Change
    Susan is an agile coach, Scrum master, IT project manager, and business change manager with more than 20 years of experience in both New Zealand and the UK.
  • Datacom's Damian Brown
    Damian Brown, Consulting Director — Agile Culture & Lean Change Management
    Damian has been an agile practitioner, trainer, and coach since 2008 and is one of New Zealand's most experienced Kanban practitioners. He has a successful track record of delivering complex projects.
  • Datacom's Greg Whitham
    Greg Whitham, Head of Customer Experience (New Zealand)
    As head of CX, Greg identifies pain points and opportunities alongside rational and emotional cues to help customers go from awareness to consideration, engagement, and long-term loyalty.
  • Datacom's Pip Lowe
    Pip Lowe, CX Research and Strategist
    Pip has worked in strategy and insights for 15+ years. She specialises in understanding customer experiences, needs and perspectives, drawing on a repertoire of methodologies.
  • Datacom's Lyndsay Davenport
    Lyndsay Davenport, General Manager — Digital Platforms
    Lyndsay is a customer experience evangelist and has extensive experience working for leading creative agencies across retail, grocery/FMCG, government, and banking sectors.
  • Datacom's Matthew Polson
    Matthew Polson, Head of Technology — Data and Analytics
    Matthew has extensive international consulting experience across a broad range of industries. He solves real business problems through data and evolving technologies such as machine learning and AI.
  • Datacom's Tracy McElroy
    Tracy McElroy, Head of South Island
    Tracy is an expert in the design of HR solutions that optimise the employee lifecycle and has helped New Zealand organisations to manage large-scale transformation and culture change.
  • Datacom's James Stainton
    James Stainton, Associate Director, Strategic Advisory
    James leads our strategic advisory teams across Datacom in New Zealand. He's a specialist in digital strategy and organisational agility and has over two decades of employee experience.
  • Datacom's Rebecca Russell
    Rebecca Russell, Head of Customer Support
    Rebecca has vast experience across many industries, including financial services and public sector. She thrives on change and in transforming people, process, and tech to innovate and deliver results.
  • Datacom's Dave Ffowcs Williams
    Dave Ffowcs Williams, Head of Supply Chain
    With over 30 years of experience, supply chain expert, Dave, works with businesses across New Zealand to help them get on the road to a more efficient, traceable, and responsive supply chain.
  • Datacom's Jonathan Glenister
    Jonathan Glenister, Consulting Director
    Jonathan is a strategist with 20 years of commercial experience and a history of successful project delivery. He's an advocate of customer-centric solutions to add business value.
  • Datacom's Paul Proctor
    Paul Proctor, Business Development Manager
    With 25-plus years of experience in digital process, Paul focuses on mapping, intelligence, and optimisation to help clients achieve process maturity, maximum efficiency, and continuous improvement.
Become a digitally agile enterprise
Sharpen your business agility reflexes and ensure your organisation is ready to respond and lead into the future. Get industry-leading insight from Datacom's analysts and experts.