In order to keep up with soaring customer expectations, organisations are taking huge steps to embrace and employ new technologies.  

The cloud has become a major force – it’s the beating heart of digital transformation. While many have maintained a robust and remote structure for years, it is largely limited to only a few restricted employees. Now, entire business units and functions are required to operate in a fully remote mode, and interactions are digital rather than physical. The flexibility and agility of cloud solutions are a perfect fit. 

While the ability to move faster and hack value is well documented, the reality is that when it is badly managed, the cloud can eradicate budget and increase technical debt. An evolving cloud system can be difficult for an IT department to manage, particularly with an accelerated and unprecedented surge in usage. Managed appropriately, a cloud environment offers stakeholders a comprehensive, efficient and effective view of all assets – including software and cloud services. A robust cloud management platform presents businesses with the ability to firmly grasp a complex and fast-changing environment. Spending and historical trends can be tracked and monitored, security vulnerabilities can be uncovered, data can be secured, and inefficiencies highlighted. 

A cloud management platform helps to manage cloud resources, using a combination of software, automation, policies, governance, and people. These then determine how the cloud services are made available. Cloud operations, Datacom’s community of management services, gives all users access to the information they need, when they need it. All stakeholders have a central location from where they can view and understand exactly what is being used in their subscriptions. This ensures that every resource being used is optimised, reducing the amount of wasted spend.  

Cloud operations are pivotal in managing the security status and vulnerability of your IT assets. Backed by clever application management, wide expertise, innovation, and a security-first approach, the service ensures delivery of a consistent set of rules to make certain that the right levels of control are in place.  

Many businesses don’t have either the budget or appropriate resources for a dedicated cloud team. Our co-pilot programme offers a Datacom expert on hand, to provide guidance and valuable insights on how the cloud can be maximised.   

Cloud operations present meaningful and contextual information, and helps businesses to track spend limits, analyse usage patterns, and manage their costs effectively. 

Unlock the true power of the cloud to better navigate your digital transformation journey.  

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