Every year the evidence becomes stronger — authentic agile delivery is more successful and less challenged than implementation using traditional approaches.

But, these new ways of working also require new ways of thinking. Failure to reflect these during the acquisition of agile-based delivery can increase risks and undermine potential benefits for buyers and suppliers.

Datacom's new eBook, Preparing for agile success, has been developed with leading New Zealand law firm, MinterEllisonRuddWatts. It answers questions you may have while navigating the acquisition, execution, and transition to support agile-delivered solutions. This guide aims to help buyers and suppliers reduce cost, time, and friction while building effective collaborative relationships and delivering greater value.

Mike has 15+ years delivery and business change experience across public and private sector. He is a change agent with a passion for helping organisations and teams identify and implement better ways of working through the application and adaption of agile principles and practices.

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