Forrester predictions for the impact of AI tells us that there is a 150% increase in work output when automating and scaling processes with AI technology. Also according to Forrester, you could enjoy an 80% reduction of manual work and enable employees to reallocate their time to higher value work. 

How could you free up resources for more meaningful work by automating menial or repetitive tasks? Or build differentiated experiences and apps through AI?  Without a doubt the use cases for AI are many and varied. 

However, the journey to the outcomes must be carefully and strategically considered and mapped out.

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Responsible by design

Trustworthy AI systems should be designed with six key core principles. Microsoft is committed to creating responsible AI by design, informed by these principles that its Office of Responsible AI helps to operationalise company-wide. Datacom will design your AI ecosystem to ensure these principles are at the heart of your organisation’s AI strategy.


Getting going on your AI journey

From efficiency and productivity gains to new capabilities and improved speed of business, AI is here to offer tangible benefits for everyone – not just developers and data scientists. Datacom can advise you on several routes to leveraging the Microsoft cloud.

Why Azure with Datacom?

Datacom’s partnered approach to powering organisations with generative AI, coupled with Microsoft Azure AI services will empower you to build and deploy your own AI solutions through large language models. As the local tech partner of choice in Australia and New Zealand, we’ll help you get started with Microsoft cloud today and leverage a suite of powerful, easy-to-use AI tools designed to help you drive success.

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