Every second spent waiting for access to a system, watching a loading symbol, or waiting on the service desk to resolve a query is a second your customer isn't feeling delighted. Some may ask that if some employees had that time back would it actually be used for driving customer satisfaction? Or would it be redirected into other, less productive tasks? Well, that’s a question of an organisation's culture.

The statistics are undeniable. The cost of disengaged employees is enormous — especially in this high-cost, talent-sparse environment we're operating in. A huge cause of good workers becoming disengaged is the lack of the ability to do both their job and what they inherently want to do — a good job. Gartner’s research has identified that 46 per cent of surveyed employees are largely dissatisfied with their overall experience at their organisation. That's a huge percentage of the workforce.

Therefore, I ask, what would the return on investment be if focused on those truly engaged employees, and converting a few of the disengaged ones? What would happen if we gave them the tools, information, and systems they need to do their job? What about if we made their day as free of friction as possible through digital investments or process re-engineering that utilises human-centred design principles, where each step in the process needs to purposefully contribute to the target experience? What is the cost of not investing in getting it right?

Digital investments and design thinking are complementary and can assist in driving productivity and efficiency in workforces. The reality is it may not even be that hard to do. If we could place ourselves into the shoes of a truly engaged employee for a day, and look at what they need to get the job done, would it change the way technology investments are made within your organisation? Should we be looking at technology roll-outs for the masses? Or should we just focus on the critical few who are making a difference in driving customer experience? If we can create these success stories, will that help bring the rest of the organisation along for the ride?

Michael Pratt has over 20 years’ experience in the sales, development, and delivery of managed IT services to both corporate and government customers across the globe. Michael works with our customers, partners, and with our own service lines to develop digital strategy and portfolio improvements.


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