Datacom's Associate Director (Cybersecurity) David Eaton joined the keynote line-up at the 2019 NZ Cybersecurity Summit, one of the premier events on the tech calendar and one that focused this year on the important business of keeping enterprises secure in the digital realm.

While firewalls and increasingly sophisticated intrusion detection software are helping to keep organisations and their staff safe, David joined other industry experts in calling for a renewed effort to bring cybersecurity to the forefront of business planning.

More data than ever before is hosted online and distributed workforces access information from a multitude of devices. That has allowed for flexible new ways of working, but has also led to cybersecurity vulnerabilities that have led to growing incidences of identity theft and data breaches."

"Security is not optional," said David, as he outlined relatively simple measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) that can help organisations prevent unauthorised access to their networks and data.

With 19 roundtables, attendees were able to customise their experience and connect with the topics that mattered the most. The 2019 Cybersecurity Summit offered a wealth or advice and insights to inform C-suite executives and IT managers alike.

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