Are you a student or graduate keen to get involved in the tech world? Our 2022 Datacomp event may be the perfect opportunity for you. Whether you're in Australia and New Zealand you'll be able to collaborate, innovate, and create brand-new, cutting-edge solutions to challenges set forth by our participating clients.

We’re very excited to be opening up this incredible event to you.

A very select group of students (referred to as our TalentX participants) will be invited to collaborate alongside, or within, our Datacom teams.

What is Datacomp?

Datacomp is a way to embrace working differently to train and upskill in emerging tech, design thinking, and rapid problem-solving. 

Check out the video from our 2019 event to learn more about Datacomp.

How does Datacomp work?

First, Datacom will launch the official theme of Datacomp, welcoming our clients to pitch their challenges. 

Datacom's teams will float ideas and attract teammates to help bring their concept to reality. As TalentX participants you’ll be able to join a team that resonates with you or, if you prefer, we can help place you in a team.

Together, you will work hard over two days to transform your concept into a tangible pitch, ready for the final presentations and judging. 

This is rapid ideation and prototyping like you’ve never seen.

What’s in it for you?

Not only will TalentX be invited to attend our training sessions called Keep Sharp — where you’ll learn skills for the future, like design thinking — but TalentX participants may also find that their participation could lead to a career pathway with Datacom or one of our clients.

When is Datacomp?

The TalentX cohort will be finalised in December, with Keeping Sharp sessions kicking off from December to January. 

Datacomp will run from Friday 19 August 2022, 4pm – Sunday 21 August 2022, with two events running simultaneously in Sydney and Auckland.

What does it take to be part of TalentX?

Through the application process, you’ll need to show us what makes you uniquely you. We’re looking for creativity, fresh ideas, and, above all, diversity.

  • Any area of study is welcome to apply
  • TalentX participants are considered industry starters, so you should have minimal industry experience
  • Australia or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residents (due to the clients)
  • Studying or recently graduated from an Australian or New Zealand institute

How do I apply?

Complete your application. You will then be invited to a drop-in session where you can learn more about the event, what to expect and have the opportunity to speak with our team.

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