Datacom has appointed Peter Nelson as Managing Director, SaaS Products to lead the company’s three software product businesses – Datapay, Smartly and Datascape.  

Nelson joined Datacom eight years ago working in Technology Services New Zealand before shifting to the products business to lead the local government solution Datascape and recently taking on the role of Acting Head for Datapay.   

Datacom CEO Greg Davidson says there is a breadth of expertise and talent working across each of the SaaS businesses and it makes sense to bring them together as a portfolio to ensure the best thinking and processes are being applied across each business for optimum results. 

“We have made a strategic long-term commitment to invest and build a portfolio of products to meet the needs of our local New Zealand and Australian customers, specifically targeting areas of demand where global investment wasn’t focused on developing suitable solutions due to the size of our markets and other investment priorities.” 

The development of Datapay was driven by a vision for a modern cloud-based payroll that was built from the ground up to meet the needs of the specific rules and regulations in the New Zealand and Australian market.  

Focused on payroll for small businesses, Smartly is an extension of that commitment and – combined with Datacom’s Datapay products – is responsible for paying a sixth of New Zealanders and serving over 23,000 businesses and 350,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand.  

Datascape is a range of ERP software products developed for the local government sector and designed to facilitate better engagement between councils and the communities they serve. The MyDatascape customer-focused portal, Datascape CRM, online bookings, website, mobile capture and Antenno two-way communications app are used by local government organisations in Australia and New Zealand. 

Datacom's Peter Nelson
Peter Nelson has been appointed as Managing Director, SaaS Products and will lead Datacom’s three software product businesses – Datapay, Smartly and Datascape.

“Each of Datacom’s SaaS products speak to the specific needs of a well-defined group of customers and as a result have seen strong growth and achieved the scale that is critical to success,” says Peter Nelson, Managing Director, SaaS Products for Datacom. 

“It is particularly exciting to see them coming together in a portfolio to make the most of our deep capability in product management and engineering, and to support rewarding careers for our people. Datacom is rapidly emerging as a SaaS powerhouse in Australia and New Zealand, which complements our role as a trusted provider of technology services.” 

Nelson will work with the existing leadership teams of the SaaS businesses, including Smartly CEO Melissa Cheals who will continue to lead her team and promote the small business payroll offering as an independent brand. Datacom will appoint a Director for Datapay, to replace the Acting Head role.

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