Our innovative cloud container services, which has helped customers to deliver applications faster than ever, has resulted in Datacom being awarded Red Hat’s ANZ Cloud Partner of the Year award. 

We've helped customers, like New Zealand Customs, to cut application development time from weeks to hours so they can react quickly to the changing needs of their customers. 

Our container services, powered by the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) and supported by DevOps processes, also enables developers to build, deploy and manage applications with speed, agility and confidence, on whatever cloud platform customers choose.

Red Hat’s Australia and New Zealand channel chief, Garry Gray, commended our strong partnership and the journey we took to build a successful solution for the market and our customers.   

“We love the fact that Datacom pushes our technology in the cloud space and the way it’s delivered," said Garry. 

"Building and releasing a better product in the market is no longer enough for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Organisations need an agile approach to understand and adapt to information, trends and new developments, and to meet the demands of time-to-market features. Together, Datacom and Red Hat have been focused on helping both businesses and developers in these areas of agility and speed to market."

Datacom’s associate director for cloud, Ross Delaney, says the team is thrilled with the win.

“This recognition is a huge achievement for our customers and our team.

"We’re really proud of our decade-long partnership with Red Hat. It's fantastic the way we challenge each other, the way we partner, and how we unite our software, cloud, and DevOps teams,” says Ross. 

“Datacom has delivered world-class infrastructure and it’s now about unleashing our customers' capabilities faster. More and more customers are using or looking into using our container services and containerisation technology. We plan to continue our massive success in the public sector by expanding into commercial."