Datacom, Australasia's largest homegrown technology company, is strengthening its strategic alliance with Splunk Inc., provider of the Data-to-Everything Platform, to provide Datacom’s customers with access to enterprise-grade security operations centre (SOC) services. The alliance brings together Datacom’s expertise in cloud, security, and the public sector with industry-leading technology from Splunk.

“Cyber attacks come in waves, and it is the orchestration that allows us to get ahead of things and help keep New Zealand and Australia cyber secure,” says Mark Micklefield, general manager cybersecurity services at Datacom.

By working with Splunk to obtain key insights based on the data, Datacom’s team of cybersecurity experts can help organisations learn from adversaries’ behaviours to mitigate and reduce future risks.

“Datacom’s deep cybersecurity expertise, backed by our breadth of operational knowledge, allows us to leverage Splunk technology to deliver customer value. We can now service use cases beyond just cybersecurity as a result,” says Mark.

“By deploying Splunk’s cybersecurity capabilities we can combine our services to the cloud, networks, software engineering, and more, and improve customer engagement and experience,” says Mark.

The collaboration allows Datacom to deliver Splunk’s cloud-based analytics-driven security information and event management (SIEM) platform, which is designed to allow enterprises to monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats.

Datacom also offers Splunk SOAR — a security, orchestration, automation, and response platform that enhances security efficiency and productivity by automating monotonous security tasks and speeding up response times.

“This partnership is a testament to the trust that Datacom has in Splunk’s capabilities and technologies,” says Simon Eid, group vice president, ANZ, Splunk. “We are pleased to work with Datacom to further strengthen their cybersecurity offerings and empower customers to proactively and efficiently mitigate cyber threats.”

By applying Splunk’s technology to various scenarios, Datacom can serve a broader purpose within the customer’s environment. For example, where Splunk is deployed predominantly for security, Datacom can expand the solution to improve application performance management and focus on driving financial resilience, as well as identifying user behaviour anomalies.

“Our customers have peace of mind knowing they are compliant to best-practice standards from the outset,” Mark says.

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