Datacom is dedicated to helping its payroll customers stay on top of their tax obligations, which has led to the development of the IR345 reconciliation report. 

Information found on the IR345 report indicates the amount of PAYE an employer owes to Inland Revenue each month. Because of the way that reversal and adjustment pay packets work in the DataPay payroll system, any overpayments made in prior pay periods can result in differences from what is shown in myIR. 

This reconciliation report function helps employers reconcile differences between the information found on Datacom’s IR345 report and what appears in myIR. 

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Staying on top of tax obligations with the Datapay IR345 reconciliation report will support successful payroll management.

 In this Datacom ebook, ‘The IR345 reconciliation report,’ you will learn about the basics of the IR345 reconciliation report, and gain insight into the following aspects of the function which are important for Datapay users to consider, including: 

  • How to interpret the IR345 reconciliation report  
  • How the information in the report applies to various payroll scenarios 
  • What actions to take following the information provided by the report 

By understanding the Datapay IR345 reconciliation report, organisations can expect to have increased confidence in their payroll related decisions. The information in this ebook will provide you with the knowledge of how to utilise this feature, so that you are able to successfully implement it’s use. By accessing the insights in ‘The IR345 reconciliation report,’ businesses will be better equipped to ensure successful payroll management. 

Download a free copy of our ebook,‘The IR345 reconciliation report,’ to support your business and its payroll processes with an understanding of how to utilise the Datapay IR345 reconciliation report function to stay on top of tax obligations. 

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