Creating a work culture that leaves people feeling energised and included has an important payoff for companies and communities, according to Farnoosh Farahi, Datacom’s new Associate Director for Engagement and Wellbeing.

“People’s level of engagement and personal wellbeing impacts how they show up for work, but also at home and in the community,” says Farnoosh, who will be based in the Wellington office.

“People spend so much of their time working and by creating an environment where people feel energised and fulfilled rather than drained, organisations win by harnessing untapped productivity and innovative thinking, but also our communities thrive as a secondary ripple effect of people leaving their work with more energy.”

Farnoosh previously spent 11 years with professional services company Accenture, working with healthcare and government clients in roles in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

At Accenture New Zealand she led the company’s diversity and inclusion team, helping develop initiatives in four key areas: gender equality, healthy minds, pride and cross-cultural competence and inclusion.

As a senior manager at Accenture, Farnoosh was also involved in mentoring junior team members and helping them navigate their career.

Creating a work culture that gives people opportunities to develop and helps them identify the right career path and opportunities will be another focus for Farnoosh.

“My own experience shows that really diverse skills and backgrounds can be valuable in different sectors. At university I studied bioengineering because I was drawn to the idea of developing medical products, like prosthetics or pacemakers, that could help thousands of people, but I have gone on to apply those skills in other ways. Technology is an incredible enabler for people.”

“I’m a big believer that everyone brings a unique set of strengths and perspectives that is invaluable to an organisation if they can tap into it.”

The fact Datacom is a ‘homegrown’ company and that it has put its people at the centre of the company’s strategy is part of what attracted Farnoosh to the role.

“I love that Datacom is local to New Zealand and committed to making an impact to the people of Aotearoa. I have always been passionate about people and how we can unlock their strengths and help them show up unapologetically as themselves.”

“I bring over a decade of experience in management consulting and a lifetime of passion for people. My experience in consulting will help me in working with our leaders and People & Culture team to develop, test, and execute initiatives that bring to life different ideas and ultimately create an environment where our people can thrive.”

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