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Innovation & ideation

Unlock innovation in your business using our value-hacking methods.

Get ahead with Datacom's innovation and ideation workshops.

Become a leader in your industry by embracing innovation and ideation. Datacom's specialist group of consultants, creatives, and technologists will unlock innovation in your business using our value-hacking methods.

We'll help you change your business model without effecting your business operations. No matter where your business is at, we'll help you improve customer relationships, build smarter enterprises, and accelerate product innovation.

Value-hacking is a methodology that allows you to identify the most critical challenges your business is experiencing — as well as your greatest opportunities for growth — so you can focus on tangible solutions and ways to optimise your strengths.

Bridging The Value Gap

Improve customer relationships

We enable your business to enrich and improve customer journeys. By doing this, you'll improve customer loyalty and reduce churn.

Build a smarter enterprise

Increase workplace productivity and user collaboration through value chain optimisation and operational efficiency. We'll also help you enable data-driven decision making.

Accelerate product innovation

We'll workshop with you to find ways to enhance new product innovation and commercialise internal innovations.

Industry experience

Specialist consultants with deep industry experience.

Our expertise includes

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Business transformation

Business transformation unlocks the strategic value of your people, processes, and technology.

Technology consulting

Datacom's technology consulting introduces innovation to set your business up for success.