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Marketing automation

Meet changing customer expectations head-on with marketing automation.

Create a more human relationship with your customers through marketing automation.

Marketing automation solutions and CRM can help solve common issues marketers face. We can help resolve

  • Inconsistent and siloed data
  • Lack of visibility of reports and dashboards
  • Lack of real-time performance management
  • Sales collaboration issues
  • The need to spend too much time on operational duties rather than strategic initiatives
  • Humanise the way you communicate with your potential customers through timely interactions.

Customer behaviours and expectations have pushed analytics to become one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the marketing toolkit.

Marketing automation platforms and CRM can provide real-time insights. Use them to inform your customer experience, campaign performance, and business decisions.

Datacom delivers marketing technology solutions, operations, and content services suitable for your business today and into the future. Whether you need the thinking, the doing, or both, Datacom can deliver.

The automation of marketing isn’t a competitive advantage — any outfit with basic technology can do that. It’s knowing how and when to implement that’s the art. And that comes from understanding both marketing automation and your customers.

Profile photo of Greg Whitham
Greg Whitham
CX consulting director, Datacom

Deep customer understanding

Create detailed customer segmentation to deliver personalised and relevant messages and content. Build relationships by utilising a central marketing database for all data.

Analytics engine

Understand what worked and where to improve in real-time. Test, measure, and optimise your marketing spend while proving the impact on revenue and growth.

Employee experience

Create a collaborative, open, and engaged team by empowering them with the right tools. Increase productivity and remove process inefficiencies to drive campaigns that deliver results.

Drive sales and marketing engagement

Improve the marketing/sales relationship. Deliver prospect visibility and customer lifecycle management.

Loyalty and retention

Inspire customer loyalty and build lasting relationships combining creative and data-driven methods to drive a deeper bond and profitability.

ROI (return on investment)

Maximise current investment by quantifying the value of your current marketing technology stack with innovative and integrated metrics.


Ensure timely interactions with your potential market through automated communications that mimic human-to-human interaction, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Our expertise includes

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Customer experience strategy

Creating a consistent and connected customer experience.

Digital signage

Innovative digital signage solutions for exceptional customer experience.

AI & chatbots

Artificial intelligence helps you harness powerful technology to unlock startling value.

Next-generation technologies

Customise next-generation technologies to connect your products with your customers.

Experience design

Give your customers what they want before they know they want it.