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Datacom Citadel

Datacom's managed security service. Your security overwatch with intelligent analytics.

Your security overwatch with intelligent analytics.

We are firmly embedded in an age where breaches are inevitable, which means businesses not only need to ensure they can remain operational, they also need to instil trust and confidence that their customer’s data and privacy is fully intact. Where there isn't a dedicated security team with the necessary skillsets or resourcing to provide continuous detection and response capabilities, Datacom's managed security service, Citadel, is the answer.

Citadel has been designed to help you achieve peace of mind. It offers the choice for businesses to outsource the security of all or a part of their broader set of services that are dependent on their existing infrastructure and Microsoft subscriptions. We have the necessary expertise, scale, and local threat intelligence to augment your internal team.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure Sentinel, our team can monitor and evaluate events across your network and infrastructure to identify and prioritise incidents quickly and effectively. Our managed security operations centre (SOC) service increases your security visibility and ability to respond.

This project with Datacom has been really successful. We have strengthened and built up our foundations across all the different layers of security, from the network and systems, through to the human and people factors.

Jonathan Good
Chief Technology and Marketing Officer, Auckland International Airport

Consolidated risk management

Through the insights we gain, we can provide remediation advice informed in real time. Information is provided consistently with a single-pane view of your entire tech environment.

Maintain competitive advantages

Preserve information confidentiality and prevent competitors from using commercially sensitive information against your business.

Improve resource efficiencies

Reduce business downtime and the financial and reputational impact in the event of a cyber attack.

Improve employee experience

Provide better employee experience by reducing the number of times cybersecurity tools send false triggering calls to the service desk.

Reduced insurance costs

Insurers scrutinise many facets of a business. We ensure your business is proactive and focused on resilience in its awareness, comprehension, and approach to managing risks.

Real-time industry insights

Access shared-industry insights in real time to minimise the impacts on your business.

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Security operations

Staying cyber strong with a highly integrated security operations centre.