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User awareness

Equip your organisational defence force with user awareness training.

Equip your organisational defence force with user awareness training.

Inadvertent human error is responsible for 49 per cent of breaches. This includes unintentional insiders — people who have fallen subject to a phishing attack, or their devices are lost/stolen. While the cost of a user breach is less compared to other vectors, it still accounts for an average of A$3.5M to a business. 

In today's multi-device hyper-connected roaming user world, firewalls and antivirus are no longer enough to protect your business assets. You need an educated, trained workforce, adept at spotting risks and potential breach attempts. Your staff need to be able to recognise phishing, whaling, and other common attacks that are hitting your business every single day.

Let us help you build 'the human firewall' — an educated workforce that is risk aware. Make use of our programs to ensure you have demonstrable confidence in the knowledge and security behaviour of your most important asset: your staff.

Smart companies don’t treat their employees as the weakest link but equip them with knowledge and empower them to be part of the human firewall.

David Eaton,
Associate director, cybersecurity, Australia and New Zealand.

Tailored programs

Turn user awareness into habits, increasing retention and reducing risks.

Success oriented

Drive campaigns that aim to demonstrate real improvements. Our team will work with you to determine the right success metrics for your organisation.

Cross-platform integration

Integrate your user awareness training and solutions with your existing services and platforms, such as the security operations centre.

Our expertise includes

Frequently asked questions

Why use cyber security awareness training for employees?

This training can help minimise the role of human error in security lapses and improve the security posture of an organisation.

How effective is cyber awareness training?

It depends on the quality and method of the program. Some programs are structured in one lengthy setting. We can provide short training sessions on an ongoing basis to keep security best practice top of mind.

How long does cyber awareness training take?

The duration of cyber awareness training depends on the program. While some programs require employees to take several hours away from work, we can work with our partners to deliver shorter sessions.


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