No two businesses are the same. But one recurring challenge we spot when talking to staff at medium to large organisations is there’s always a mismatch across different teams and disciplines.

Whether it’s in systems, communication, or strategic goals, or even a combination, internal issues inevitably translate into inefficient customer service and solution delivery.

This complex and multi-layered business challenge is exactly what Datacom’s Grow workshop is designed to help solve and we've evolved the model to support agile workplaces in an uncertain economy.

What is GROW?

Our Grow workshop is based upon the GROW model, which stands for goal, reality, options, and will (or way forward). It is a coaching framework to help businesses problem solve and has been used for decades to great effect.

At our Salesforce practice in New Zealand, GROW is fundamental to the way we do things. Using the model as a base, we've developed GROW into a workshop to provide businesses seeking technological changes an opportunity to talk through the challenges they face. Our unique Grow business recommendations report package then lists a comprehensive set of actions for businesses to follow as they continue to evolve.

To quote a well-known musician, it’s about a little less conversation and a little more action.

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How does the Grow workshop work?

Our Grow workshop is a four-hour workshop with your key stakeholders. Whether face-to-face or virtual, we will help you to identify the top challenges and opportunities facing your organisation.

  • Define the goals

In mixed groups, we’ll constructively talk about and prioritise your immediate to long-term core business goals.

  • Understand the challenges and realities

Next, we’ll openly discuss all the challenges faced by your business, such as business operations, technology, compliance, outcomes, timeframes, and barriers to success.

  • Gather thoughts, opinions, and options

Using inclusive facilitation and questioning, we’ll gather insights and ideas and begin to find common action points.

  • Recommend the way forward

In the final part, we’ll summarise the discussions, qualify the options, and recommend the next steps.

Following the workshop, we prepare your Grow business recommendations report that summarises what was agreed and, importantly, presents a comprehensive set of actions for the following weeks and months to help your business make a significant change.

Why update the GROW model?

Workshops are everywhere. The key difference with our Grow workshop, though, is it’s focused to help your business create action plans and achieve results immediately, whether that’s quick short-term solutions or longer-term objectives.

Our Grow workshop isn’t also just another framework to identify problems. It’s a clear action plan to help you identify tangible solutions.

We’re very proud to not only have worked with leading New Zealand organisations in Grow workshops across industries such as transportation and logistics, media, entertainment, and telecoms, manufacturing, agriculture, and energy but to also see the real and immediate results first-hand.

Dave is a leading practitioner and coach. He has over 25 years of experience in senior leadership roles and a Master of Advanced Leadership Practice (MALP) degree from Massey University.

Grow with Datacom and Salesforce

If your business is grappling with complex business or technology opportunities and challenges, we’d love to discuss how we could help your teams and business to develop a clear path forward. Get in touch for a Salesforce consultation to get growth for your organisation.

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