When Datacom sits down with customers to discuss new solutions, the starting point is to focus on what is possible, without getting bogged down in technical feasibility.

The reason for this blue-sky approach is that the rapid evolution and adoption of digital technologies can quickly turn what seemed to be an impossible solution into a realistic option. 

This ambitious thinking also sits at the centre of our new partnership with Microsoft: we’re working together to support companies to accelerate their adoption of digital technologies and turn their big ideas into a reality. 

Cloud computing is one of the areas where the adoption of technology is unlocking massive potential and productivity, and we’ve seen some incredible results for the clients we’ve helped migrate to Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

We have helped Cawthron Institute build a data platform based on Microsoft Azure that is allowing researchers to access and share data with unprecedented ease.

Our team has helped Cawthron implement a data lake, which enables the storage of data, drawn live from multiple sources, in its original format and then makes it available to scientists in the way they need it. 

The solution is fast, flexible, and means scientists have a direct feed from sensors and other producers of data to update their research in real time. 

Our skilled team, paired with the right technology and smart processes, has been able to transform the way Cawthron accesses and uses its data, deliver tangible gains in productivity, and unlock the value of this research organisation’s data assets.

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is another organisation embracing the benefits of the cloud, after shifting its entire workflow to Microsoft Azure during last year’s lockdown with no downtime or disruption.

FMA’s head of project and digital services, Glenn Phillips, said the move was about ensuring watertight security and enabling innovation around new approaches to financial services.

Our partnership with Microsoft, and the broad capability of our different product and services teams, means we can fully support our customers on their journey to the public cloud, while at the same time accommodating their hybrid cloud, managed services, app development, and cybersecurity needs.

New Zealand companies have incredible talent and a reputation for innovation, but many of us recognise that improving productivity is still a real challenge. 

Smart adoption of new technologies is one of the easiest wins with the power to transform New Zealand’s productivity, and improve the bottom line for Kiwi businesses.

As the New Zealand Productivity Commission has stated: “There is little to differentiate the digital economy from the broader economy; in other words, the digital economy is the economy.”  

Cloud technology, in particular, is seen as a key enabler for growth.

IDC research shows New Zealand is expected to see public cloud adoption more than double over the next four years, adding NZ$30 billion in direct revenues and 102,000 jobs to the economy. These jobs will include both those organisations that adopt cloud as well as the suppliers of hardware, software, and services supporting cloud delivery.

Being able to play a role in helping generate these outcomes and support the creation of these jobs is very rewarding.

But it’s not just the known benefits of the cloud that we’re excited about — we’re looking forward to bringing ambitious ideas to life and turning possibilities into realities for New Zealand organisations.

Suz Miller is a director in New Zealand's technology services team. Suz is responsible for our services across public cloud platforms, intelligent workspace services, and managed networks.

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