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Customer research

Qualify opinion through customer research.

Qualify opinion through customer research.

We seek to inform and validate our thinking with appropriate customer research. Without research, an idea, innovation, or potential solution runs the risk of being only speculation or opinion. We work across three core disciplines to validate your concepts:

  • Quantitative research 
  • Qualitative research 
  • Ethnographic research.  

Datacom's customer research is critical in ensuring our work is suited to the market. We seek to understand and interpret the mind of the customer. Once you understand customer needs, you can improve and provide a product or service to meet them.

Customer innovation without customer research to validate it is like firing an arrow without aiming and still hoping to hit the bullseye.

Profile photo of Greg Whitham
Greg Whitham
CX consulting director, Datacom Advisory

Strength in numbers

Get a strong indication of existing customer demand and behaviour by interpreting large amounts of data.

Deep customer insight

Find where opportunity lies in your products and services through one-to-one interviews with your customers. Create clear differentiation in the market.

Customer understanding

Fully understand your customer in context to the environment they'll be in while engaging with your product or service.

Powerful strategy and ideas

Get a clear view of your customers and their behaviour to build great strategy and ideas.

Our expertise includes

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